> Earlier in this month, we were nominated for the Irish Blogger Awards. Now this in itself is a tremendous thing in that one or more of you guys took the time to submit a nomination on our behalf. For that I thank you a million times over. On the other hand it has created a wealth of emotions, mostly, the fear of being judged, which could be happening as I type now and has contributed to the prevention of me writing this blog post before today. But it brings with a it a very valid point. When we are leaders in our industry, whether in customer service, hospitality or indeed print and marketing, we are always being judged. We are always in the spotlight and our customers always expect the best service for their money. In return we shouldn't fear fear itself, but embrace it and use it as an opportunity to do great things and be recognised for them. If you are thinking of starting a business, ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen. If you can make steps to overcome that scenario, then what is stopping you? Probably not a lot more than the fear of fear itself. Let me tell you a secret. There will never be the perfect time to make a change, but by making small efforts over time you will generate big rewards and fear has nothing to do with it. There has a lot to be said about thinking of fearful things often. By re-balancing them and attacking them head on, you’ll end up laughing at some of the things you feared in the past. Judges, you’re no.1 on my list!