It’s that time of year when you find a sought after minute to reflect on this year’s achievements, targets and accomplishments. It’s also time for you and I to plan ahead for 2015. A year, we want to be the most successful yet across all aspects of your personal and business life. The true essence of the word Kaizen means to continuously improve. An objective that at this time of year holds fast as many new year resolutions aim to just do that, improve….to be better, to be healthier, fitter and of course more successful. Today’s post is about the kindest of success and why we should all strive to be more successful across every area of our lives.

Success is about building habits

Habits = consistency and consistency is what builds a successful business. I try to blog every day. While financially this doesn't contribute to the success of Kaizen, but you are reading this now and if I can assist you with your marketing, you may consider us for print. Look at all the areas in your business where a positive habit could make a difference. Invoicing, Sales Calls and Customer Service. These are areas of your business where positive habits can help you positively.  Scrutinise each element to determine what is the best practice in that area, then try and imitate that.

Success Breeds Success

We often look at other people and see win after win, success after success. By building great habits and making small wins you’ll find yourself wanting to capitalise on those by repeating the steps and in your own way making further success. To this effect success increases motivation, a will to do better and to be better. This on its own will not make you successful, but give you the confidence to push harder and further than previously.

Many Small Wins = Big Overall Success

Compounding is one of the most important factors in the world, never mind business. With savings and investments, £1000 compounded for 50 years without the addition of any other money could become £18,500. By looking after a single customer extremely well they could be worth over £100,000 during the lifetime of your business. What if they refer someone else to you of equal worth? Remember that small business can grow into big business and your business will grow with them. This is one of the reasons Kaizen has become so successful in the last 2 years. Putting effort into ensuring our clients are getting the best design and print across all areas of their online and offline marketing, as they grow, so do we.

Lets set a challenge

During January, I want you to take one area of your business and focus on it every day. This isn't a challenge just for you as the entire Kaizen team will be involved in it also. From designers to our finishing department, we’re taking 2015 to become the best printer in Belfast we can be, the best design agency we can be and of course the best at customer service. When you are in the office, take the time to have a chat with me about this. If I can lend a hand or lead the way, I’d love to help you out. Also, if you want to eat healthier I suggest you try Slims Healthy Kitchen. To be fitter, you should definitely hit up the guys in Hench or the Gym Co.