Retail space is sacred. Whether this is on a table top or counter, you can be sure that in-store displays are limited in number. This is where tent cards come into their own as the number one marketing tool any business can utilise within the actual business. Taking up little space and providing a huge source of information and offers for customers, they are a super little tool at your disposal. Above you'll see a fantastic example from a customer we have worked with for years. We can't take credit for the design of Ground's tent cards, but the print, that's 100% us. With multiple locations across Belfast and around the province, pop in for one of their amazing iced "thingys"

Let's get down to business

In an office environment tent cards are perfect for calendars, essential phone numbers and lists that staff are required to use on a daily basis. They are sure to replace calendars of cutsie wootsie kittens and motivational posters….aren't they? What About The Print? Our tent cards are printed on 350gsm silk card and sized according to your requirements. They can be printed single or double sided and are finished with a little double sided strip of tape, so that you can make them into tents super easy. Lead time for print is usually about 3 working days, but leave longer for larger orders. These are finished by hand, so can take some time. Other variations of tent cards we print include smaller versions individually named for table places at weddings and events. These low cost prints ensure your guests know exactly where they are sitting at events and you know what families are like at weddings….do yourself a favour. If you're interested in any type of tent card, please drop us a message via the Contact Us page or call us on 028 9002 2474.