Calendars are a fantastic way to promote your business. They seem like such a basic and everyday item, but when you really think about it, how often does a wall calendar catch your eye with an interesting design?

Giving them out as gifts or as a promotional item is a great way to make sure your brand or business logo is front and centre on a potential client or customers’ desk.

While it is true that your laptop, phone or tablet probably has a calendar pre-installed on it, there is no doubt that a physical copy still has its uses. How many times have you taken down a few notes or the date and time of that all-important meeting on your device with the full intention of looking at them again later only to not be able to find them again? Writing them down on a wall calendar may seem like a pointless thing to do at the time, but it could be a lifesaver later on.

At Kaizen, we’re committed to providing businesses of all sizes with the best in promotional items to help you get the most out of your businesses’ potential. We understand that finding innovative ways to market your business are what sets you apart from the competition and we endeavour to be able to provide that to you.

Wall calendars may well be useful, however they are also fairly common as a promotional gift, so we suggest trying something slightly different for your next promotional push.

Tent calendars are a unique and economical way to market your business, they definitely stand out from the usual wall calendar and their small size means they can be ideally placed on a potential client or customer’s desk without being obstructive as they go about their day to day business.

You can personalise your tent calendar to display your logo, slogan or brand and be safe in the knowledge that your company name will be in full view of that customer for an entire year, meaning for that year, it’s your brand that will be one of the first things they see when they sit down at their desk in the morning.

There are a few different types of desktop calendars available to you, whether it’s our standard three sided tent calendar, our more compact tent style calendar, offering a page for each month of the year or our more popular flip desk calendar, designed in an easel style giving the opportunity for multiple marketing messages to displayed each month.

Our tent calendars are printed on high quality 280gsm silk card with our state of the art printing technology, so you can be sure that your logo will be displayed in its full glory.

If you need any design help, Kaizen’s design team are available to assist you in any way possible, be it design, branding or printing.

So get your business promotion off the ground and give Kaizen’s expert team a call today on 028 9002 2474, or alternatively email us at