Since we invested quite heavily in machinery at the tail end of last year, the print capacity within Kaizen has almost tripled. This is is due not only to the money spent, but also the advances in technology and equipment we have bought. It’s pretty outstanding the difference in speed between a 2013 printer against a printer bought in 2009. This extra capacity allows us as a business to look into new business areas we previously didn't operate in purely due to not having the print capacity to fulfil the orders. Nearly a dozen times a month we were asked did we print vehicle graphics and the answer was always “No, but let me recommend…” whereas now, we’re a lean, mean, taxi printing machine and thankfully it’s worked out pretty well for us so far. The below video shows our Roland 640 printer printing onto an extremely high quality vinyl. Not to bore you with technical speak, but there are 3 main types of vinyl for use on vehicles, Monomeric, Polymeric and Cast. Each has their own merits and uses, so always ask what type your printer is using as it will have a bearing on the overall cost and quality. In the video, we are printing on to cast which is suitable for taxis and other vehicles which are curvy and require the graphics to be manipulated to fit. [youtube>peUCE_yAOU8[/youtube> With every vehicle wrap, whether taxi, car or bike, we first of all have to print the graphics onto the vinyl, plot them out using our plotter, weed out the excess vinyl and then apply application tape to the graphics. All this takes a vast amount of time, sometimes days in prep work, before we even get near the vehicle. It wouldn't be a Kaizen blog post if I didn't proclaim the benefits of vehicle graphics for your business and I’ll use the Kaizen van as part of my story. On a regular basis, people always comment to us about our fleet of vehicles on the road. The truth we share a single van. But because of the striking design and of course colour scheme, people instantly recognise it and are aware of its presence, if only for a fleeting moment. We are in their hearts…..and their minds. Even something as simple as your company name, the logo and a link to contact you (mobile number, website, email or Facebook) and if you are feeling really adventurous some services and offers, this is one of the best marketing / advertising activities you can undertake. If you want to being your vehicle graphics to the next level and wrap your car, van or taxi, we can help indeed. Just drop us a message via the Contact Page or call us on 028 9002 2474.