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As I sit at my desk here in our Belfast print hub, a huge roll up banner printing order is just about to leave for all the Tesco stores across Northern Ireland. These banners are being distributed to all Northern Ireland based Tesco stores to promote their current recruitment drive for temporary staff this Christmas period.

At Kaizen Print, Belfast we offer 2 main roller banner options. Both are considered premium in the sense that we do not offer cheap roller banner printing, but more so great value high quality printing here in Belfast. So the two roller banner options are: Single Sided and Double Sided. The single sided roller banner is perfect for locations where traffic really is only arriving from one direction. This forward facing message allows all those travelling towards the banner display to be informed of the message in a unobtrusive yet easy to digest manner.

Double Sided Roller Banners add an additional graphic to the rear of the roller banner, so that traffic from both directions are presented with the message in a clear manner. As both graphics are printed independently of each other, if it suits your needs and that of the campaign, you can have completely different graphics on each side of the roller banner.

To create the perfect roller banner for printing within Kaizen Print, we suggest you design your banner at 850mm wide x 2000mm tall. To ensure we have enough bleed and grip to attach the banner to the mechanism, we advise all graphics are presented with a 100mm bleed at the bottom only. This allows us to accurately trim the banner and affix this to the stand while knowing exactly how well this will be finished each and every time.

Our premium roller banner printing happens in as little as 24 hours, sometimes sooner, however the standard leas time for the best value pricing is always a little longer at 48-72 hours. To order you roller banner, the steps are very simple.

  1. Visit and select the type of roller banner you want. Also confirm the lead time you are happy with and the quantity of roller banners you need for this project.
  2. Add this to your basket and proceed to checkout. Enter your details and that of delivery, if required. You can always collect your banner from our Lisburn Road office at no additional charge.
  3. After processing the payment, you will be presented with an order number and an artwork upload page. 
  4. Once uploaded, it’s over to us. If you have a professionally designed roller banner set up using our template, then we’ll be able to process super quickly. We’ll check from the common print issues and if nothing is presented, we’ll get this off to print right away
  5. Once ready, we’ll process for delivery or send you a quick email to let you know your roller banner is printed and ready for collection.

We’re always keen to see our print in it’s natural habitat, so if you have any photos of your roller banners being used at events or in-stores, please do send us a message via twitter or Facebook and we’ll re-share these to show off our work. We’re like proud parents tbf.

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Printing For The Wedding Journal Show Belfast

This weekend, The Wedding Journal Show, one of the largest wedding events across the island of Ireland and not just Belfast hits the Titanic Exhibition Centre. Billed as an exhibition to amaze brides all across Belfast, there are over 300 of the country’s top wedding suppliers and businesses showcasing their products and services to thousands of brides from all across Northern Ireland. Coupled with it’s twin show in Dublin, this is one of those wedding shows not to miss when looking to be inspired and plan your wedding.

From wedding stationery to receptions, doves, cakes, cars, fireworks displays and of course honeymoons - a day at the wedding journal show will set your wedding plans in motion.

Many of our own clients are exhibiting at the show and as this is one of the biggest opportunities to market their businesses to hundreds and thousands of potential customers, we always try to provide a few words of support and wisdom in advance to help gear them up for the big event.

This week we printed tens of thousands of flyers and business cards as well as hundreds of roller banners, many of which were destined for this wedding fair and others like it.

Roller Banners play a huge part in the marketing toolkit for many businesses looking to capture the attention of passers by and potential customers. Not only are they big and bold, but they remain unobtrusive if positioned in the right manner. Due to their size and structure, a massive amount of information can be presented neatly and clearly. Conversely they are equally as beneficial with a little bit of information and striking graphics to showcase your products and services.

Starting at only £90+vat for a single sided roller banner, the cost effectiveness against the potential for directing sales to your business is easy to see. We really only sell one version of our premium roller banner, however if you find yourself in a high traffic area within one of these shows, we also have a double sided option that has proven itself to be very useful with many of our customers.

Ever the perfectionists, we have recently installed a new millimetre perfect trimmer, suitably called the javelin. The introduction of this new equipment will not only speed up the finishing time for our large format printing, but should also provide an even higher quality finish than ever before. We really put the javelin to great use this week and put out some of the highest quality roller banners we’ve seen in a long time. In fairness though, our team within the graphic design studio had designed many of these and they looked amazing for that reason.

Our roller banners can be printed here in Belfast within only a few days. We do offer a speedy turnaround 24 hour service on this product as we understand the needs of our customers and their plans for the use of the roller banner.

To order your roller banner, you are more than welcome to drop us an email via the contact form, to call us on 028 9002 2474, or to pop into our Lisburn Road, Belfast office with your artwork or design brief. Alternatively, the easiest way to order your roller banner is by placing an order right here on our website. Visit the roller banner page and select the quantity you require. After placing your order and making payment, you will be directed to an artwork upload page. Once we receive your artwork, we’ll check this for any print issues and get it scheduled on the printers.

We wish all our customers exhibiting at the wedding journal show, a busy and eventful day.

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Why we love roller banners

Why we love roller banners

9 September 2016 09:07:11

Over my years as a printer in Belfast I’ve heard roller banners called many thing including banner stands, roller banners, roll up banners, penguin stands, sidewinders or pop up banners. Whatever you call them, one thing is absolutely certain, they provide a huge opportunity for your business to market your products and services efficiently and for a a very small cost.

We’ve place roller banners in car dealerships, within banks, airports, retail environments and in community / charity groups. Their size, flexibility of placement and the opportunity this presents to promote your products and services ensures that this product is one of our most popular and most efficient when comparing to other marketing opportunities. There is simply no other marketing opportunity like this, especially at the cost.

Our roller banners are a little different from the competitions. After trying out may different options, we took a decision in 2010 to only use the highest quality banner stand and materials for our roller banners. We’ve stuck with the same suppliers and manufacturers since then as the assurance of quality for us is key and we don’t believe the cheap roller banners present value for money, even at their low prices. What we do provide is a high quality roller banner that is good value. These systems rarely fail and the quality of our print on is second to none. We also spend a little extra on the packaging to ensure they arrive with you in the intended manner, but also so you can store them after use and can be assured they’ll be ready and able to promote your business when you next need them.

On average it takes 20 seconds to open our roller banners, to assemble and roll up the graphic. This ease of assembly means that a single person can install and take down the banners after use with very specific ease. With double feet at the bottom of each roller banner, these free standing units are perfect for un-assisted use. This free’s up your sales or marketing team to get on with more pressing issues.

Our roller banners are printed onto a very heavy duty roller banner film. In fact we probably use one of the most durable films available here in Belfast to ensure our roller banners are printed to the highest standard possible. This textured grey back polypropylene film is the perfect medium to print high quality photographic prints and designs on and although roller banners are designed to be viewed from afar, the quality printing of our roller banners means they can be viewed from no distance at all and the quality still remains.

To order your roller banners from us, simply visit Roll Up Banners and place your order. After payment you will be able to upload your artwork through the website. This is sent directly to us to check for print readiness. If you hear nothing more from us, the order is underway and will be ready within the allotted timeframe. If we have any questions or queries a member of our team will be in contact right away.

We have printed thousands of roller banners for business all across Belfast and we’d love to work with you also. Get in touch, we’d love to help.

Comments | Posted in Roll Up Banners By Sam Stewart

Face to Face Marketing

11 May 2016 08:56:53

In the world of business there are multiple ways of marketing. Some marketing techniques allow you to put up signs and posters and let them do the work. Some forms of marketing are more subtle than others. Some require facing your customers head on and that’s what we are going to be looking at in today’s article.

Occasionally, your business can have a personal impact on an individual or a small group of people. Ideally, we all want that impact to end in a sale, however we know that’s not always the case.

But, even if a sale isn’t made, those people will have left with an impression of your business. This is why it is a very subtle form of marketing.

This impact is probably better known as face to face marketing, and it is actually a very effective way of promoting your business.

The most common form of face to face marketing are probably events. Whether you are sponsoring someone else’s, staging your own or even just attending one as a stall holder, events gives people a sense of involvement with your company.

Face to face marketing gives your customers the opportunity to come and examine your products and ask you questions directly. It allows you to form vital relationships with your customers.

Some face to face marketing is a lot less personal, but it can still create a sense of bringing a community together. Local businesses will often sponsor local football teams for this reason.

The key to face to face marketing is the personal, human contact. It’s a temporary way of creating a connection with large numbers of people.

At Kaizen, we know the importance of face to face marketing, which is why we have a range of products that are ideal for those hosting, or attending, events. We know that the real challenge isn’t talking to the customers, but rather gaining their attention in the first place.  

Some of our biggest sellers are perfect for events.

Roller banners are a great way to capture attention for indoor events. Their size alone makes them stand out. At Kaizen, our roller banners can be printed single or double sided, allowing you to make use of the entire product. Plus, they are easy to erect and dismantle, and even easier to move around.

Another popular product is our feather flag. They are perfect for outdoor events. These great marketing tools grab the attention of passers-by and why wouldn’t they? Our feather flags are printed at photographic quality using a dye sublimation printing process, ensuring that they can be used time and time again for at least six months.

Once you have got the attention of your customers, you want them to buy. But, as we’ve already stated, a sale isn’t always possible. That doesn’t matter. Those customers still leave your stall, or event with an impression of your company.

Why not build on this by handing out leaflets, business cards or brochures to customers who are interested?

That way, you know that they have a way to get in contact and order from you in the future.

Ultimately, face to face marketing is all about human contact and knowing how to connect with your customers.

We can help with the tools for your event, but you know your customers best.

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Where to use roller banners

1 April 2016 09:52:21

Roller Banners are a great way to spread your message to as many people as possible.

With their sturdy design and entirely customisable print options, roller banners are ideal for any number of situations, the only thing left to do is decide where to put them. Helpfully, Kaizen are here to help with that decision too. So here are five situations in which a roller banner is the perfect fit.

Car Dealerships

Dealership forecourts are often crowded with various forms of advertising and promotional material designed to entice more customers inside, so in order to stand out, it’s important to have something a little bit different. Roller banners can be customised with your own logo, design and/or slogan to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s an offer on financing, a sales promotion or announcing your valet service, a roller banner can help to draw more customers in.

Open Days

If you’re a college, a university or even an employer, it’s important to attract new potential students (or employees) in any way you can. To do this, many of these businesses or universities will host open days. They’re a great way to allow you to meet different people and gain significantly more interest in your promotion. Roller banners are the perfect way to display some of the more frequently asked information in a legible and interesting way. It could be used to show the facilities at your college or university or the fantastic salary packages available at your place of work. Whatever it is, a roller banner is the best way to do it.


Retailers listen up! If you have a sale or a promotion on, it’s important to let people know. That means advertising in order to get the word out there. Roller banners are a perfect way to let lots of people know exactly what deals you can offer them. Perhaps you’re a hairdresser offering a new type of treatment in your salon. Maybe you a mechanic offering a new MOT service, the possibilities are endless. With Kaizen’s roller banners, you know you’re getting a great service at good value.


Roller banners are commonly seen at museums and art galleries. They can serve as advertisement for the event, or as information points throughout the exhibition, telling customers what they should know about the particular artifact or painting. In fact, with our double sided printing option, your exhibition roller banner can carry as much information as you need. Meaning your customers will know everything they need to about a certain display.

So you see, whatever your business, you too can benefit from one of Kaizen’s high quality roller banners. To find out more information, or to get a quote for a design, contact our customer service team on 028 9002 2474 or drop us an email through the contact us page on our website. With years of experience behind us, we know what it takes to make a great marketing product and we can help guide you and your business with all things print and design related.

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At Kaizen, we are committed to providing quality marketing materials to individuals and business across the UK, so when we recommend a product, you know that our expertise will not let you down.

We know what makes great marketing and we believe that roller banners are a fantastic way of promoting your business. So here are five ways we think roller banners make marketing products better.

Cost effectiveness

One of the major advantages roller banners have over more conventional marketing means is their durability. Roller banners can last for years depending on how they’re used and don’t need to be replaced every few months like flyers or posters. At Kaizen, we’re also able to print your roller banners double sided, meaning you can have two different promotional materials rolled into one - see what we did there? Putting a roller banner inside your office or place of work is sure to turn heads, so more eyes will be on your business rather than giving them more scraps of paper which they are likely to throw out.


As already discussed above, roller banners durability makes them an excellent alternative to easily destroyed means of advertising. However, the fact they are so durable is a major positive in itself. Whether they are inside or outside, Kaizen’s roller banners won’t be easily damaged by the elements or passers-by and our high quality printing process means they will stay bright and colourful no matter what is thrown at them. This is especially useful if you are planning to deploy your banner outside.

Easy to assemble

One of the things that puts people off investing in a roller banner is the trouble of putting it together, but we tried this and we’re delighted to report that it took us a grand total of 30 seconds to completely assemble the structure. Not bad considering that our metal base, supplied with the banner itself, is extremely sturdy and won’t be easily damaged. This means it can stand up to the elements outside and won’t cause a great deal of stress in assembling it inside.

High Quality printing

We’ve already covered this a little, but we feel like it deserves another, longer mention. Kaizen exclusively print our roller banners on 300 micron latex vinyl, so the banner itself won’t be easily ripped or otherwise damaged. Then, we print using a selection of UV resistant inks. This means that, if your banner is in direct sunlight, the UV rays won’t damage the colour on your banner, meaning your advertisement always looks as professional as the rest of your business. What’s more, our banners are sized at around six-feet high, so it’s guaranteed to make people take notice of your business.

You can change your mind

We’re proud that our roller banners can take a beating. They don’t fall over easily and can even go one-on-one with the sun without showing the scars. However, sometimes, they could use a fresh coat of paint. Luckily, with Kaizen’s roller banners, we can reskin them once during their lifetime. So whether your original ad is looking a little tired, or you have a new one altogether, you don’t have t be married to the same print for eternity.

Comments | Posted in Roll Up Banners By Shauna Crossey

Roller Banner Printing

25 March 2016 11:26:41

When it comes to marketing your business, you sometimes have to think outside the box. In some cases, this leads to using roller banners as your primary marketing tool.

We all know that some companies will use their entire wall space to advertise. But by doing so, you are restricting those who see it to those who actually come into the store. In other words, the ones who already know what you have to offer.

Utilising space doesn’t and shouldn’t limit you to inside the shop or office. If you want to draw in passing trade, then you have to advertise outside too.

There are so many ways you can do this, but one of the simplest and most effective ways is by using a roller banner.

Roller banners, or roll up banners as they are sometimes called, are low cost, free standing graphics which can be placed anywhere and everywhere. This includes placing them outdoors.

Four examples of times when you can use a roller banner to great effect

New business

If you have just set up your business, the local people will not know you exist yet. Potential customers could be walking or driving right past your premises without knowing that you are there or what you offer. Roller banners are a great way to catch a passer-by’s eye. Place on the street outside your business to lure people in, or if your business is in an area such as a shopping centre, place the roller banner somewhere popular so it can be seen by loads of people. Be sure to include all the relevant information like who you are and where you are based so customers can find you.


With money being a major issue in many people’s lives, customers just aren’t wanting to spend the same as in years gone by. Especially in this period just after the holiday season, nobody seems to want to spend money. But, retailers never fear! For this is where a sale comes in handy. Everyone enjoys a good sale. Who doesn’t love picking up a bargain? So why not let the world know about your sale with a roller banner?  All you need to include is your company’s name, address and the word “Sale”, and you’ll have customers flocking into your store to see what they can pick up.  

New product or service

Another way to utilise the roller banner is using it to promote a new product. Whether you are a beauty salon offering a new treatment, or a car dealership offering a new motor, a new product attracts new customers. Advertise yours on a roller banner to catch the eyes of those on the look out for something new.  

At Kaizen, we know that the Great Northern Irish weather won’t always be totally reliable, so you might not want to place your roller banners outside. This is why these great products are easily transportable. So when the summer goes from nice to wet in the blink of an eye, you can bring the banner out and place it indoors. It can still advertise to your customers and get your message out there. 

Comments | Posted in Roll Up Banners By leeanne Whitehead

We know that conventions are a major source of income for many businesses and a chance to get their brand out there. They introduce hundreds, if not thousands of new customers to your products and gives you the chance to build customer relations throughout the country.

With so many people attending these events, you want (and need) your stall to stand out and grab the attention of convention goers.

Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of three essential products which will help your business grow at these types of events.

Roller banners

These are perhaps, the most important marketing product to take with you. Standing at 200cm tall with a width of 85cm, their size alone will catch the gaze of customers are they walk past your stall. Not only that, but the custom made design panel will tell them who you are and what you sell.  With these fantastic roller banners, you don’t have to worry about space in the van either as they are easy to dismantle and come with a carry case to protect your graphic in transit.  Not only are they simple to move, they are also very straightforward and quick to set up as well allowing you more time to organise your stall. Roller banners are really ideal for events such as conventions.

Business cards

We all know that business cards are a great form of marketing, being small they are easy to carry and are cheap to mass produce. Not to mention that they carry all of the relevant information customers need. But when it comes to conventions they serve an extra purpose for companies that attend. Because conventions attract people from all over the country, you have the opportunity to expand your customer base and gain new fans. By giving out business cards with each purchase, you can be sure that new customers remember you. If you have a website, include it on your card so they can go check out your full range of stock. This not only reminds the customer who they have bought from, but also gives them a way to contact you so they can buy again.


The same goes for brochures. We know that you can’t haul examples of all of your stock with you to a convention. It would be too much of a hassle to say the least. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t show customers that you have more to offer by handing out brochures. By doing this, they can take away a copy and look up everything they can buy. Coupled with a business card – this product gives customers a better idea of your company and will expand interest – not to mention gain a few hits on your company’s website.

So whether you are taking your goods to Comic-con, Geekfest or Insomnia. Be sure to get your marketing sorted out first. Remember to include your brand’s name and logo so customers can easily recognise you. But most importantly, remember to have fun meeting new people. 

Comments | Posted in Marketing Advice Roll Up Banners By Shauna Crossey

What is a roll up banner?

18 March 2016 08:44:15

Marketing for any business can be tough. After all there are so many ways you can go about it.

You have a huge range of items, and all come in different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from! For example, there are flyers and posters, stickers and feather flags, to name but a few. It’s easy to get lost in the sheer amount of products on offer.

But, if you are looking for something a little more versatile, then look no further.

Roll up banners are one of the lowest cost, simplest and most of all effective, marketing tools a business can have is a roll up banner.

But just what is a roll up banner?

Well, lucky for you, we at Kaizen have all the answers and know everything there is to know about this brilliant and low cost way of promoting your business.

These banners, which are also go by the name of roller banners, pull up banners or retractable banners, have been used for marketing by businesses for a number of years. 

They require a light and transportable stand. Unlike posters, roll up banners do not need to be attached to the wall. This combination of lightweight and transportable is perfect for when you have to travel to events and exhibitions. Weighing in at only 3kg, our roll up banners are easily transportable.

Roll up banners are, as the name suggests, banners which can be rolled up. At Kaizen, our banners are 850mm wide by 2000mm in height.

We also provide you with the stand as well as the padded carry case which protects your graphic.

One benefit of using a roll up banner is that you can reuse it, time and time again. This is because of the material we use in printing. Our roll up banners are printed on a 300 Micron Polypropolene Vinyl using high quality UV resistant inks. Thanks to our top of the range materials, you can be sure to get a lot of use out of these.

Traditionally, roll up banners have been used by smaller or local businesses. They are the perfect marketing tool for attending exhibitions, open days and conventions or for promoting events in store such as sales or a new product.

At Kaizen, we know that time is money when it comes to your business. Which is why our roll up banners take less than a minute to set up. In fact, we’ve put it to the time test and we found that our roll up banners take only 30 seconds to assemble. This leaves you more time to get on with the most important tasks at hand – talking to potential clients and customers.

We also know that businesses change and that new product that you were advertising a few months ago isn’t so new now. Don’t fret about splashing out on a whole new roller banner set. At Kaizen, we can offer a new graphic for a lower cost. This means that you aren’t shelling out for the stand again.

There’s no doubt about it. With the right design, roll up banners can be an important asset in advertising your business, and at Kaizen we are experts when it comes to all things print and design. So you can rest in the knowledge that products from us will be of the finest quality.


Comments | Posted in Roll Up Banners By Leeanne Whitehead

­Roll up banners are one of our best selling products. They are versatile and make the perfect back drop to any stall at a convention and can serve as an entrance or information point at many an exhibition.

Not sure what your next marketing tool should be? Consider one of Kaizen’s roll up banners.

Roll up banners are a popular way of advertising your business. Typically seen at conventions and open days, these graphics are usually big, bright and eye catching – so they’re pretty effective at drawing in customers.

Still need convincing why should you invest in one?


When it comes to marketing, bigger is better. Which is why at Kaizen, our roll up banners are 85cm x 200cm. At this size, you can be sure that your design (and ultimately your company) will be seen.

Easily transportable

Despite their size, our roll up banners are easily transportable. This is thanks to a folding stand and a graphics padded carry case which keeps your design safe in transit. Not only are they incredibly easy to transport, but they are also very lightweight, weighing in at only 3kg. So you can rest assured that your graphics won’t get bashed and bruised in the van.

Easy Assembly

Kaizen’s roll up banners aren’t just easy to move from place to place. They are also unbelievably easy to assemble too. We like to be sure that our products are up to standard, so we put them to the test and found that our roller banners can be set up in as little as 30 seconds! Roll up banners aren’t hard to disassemble at the end of the day either, so there’s no stress when it comes to tidying up.


Kaizen’s roll up banners are reusable. Many businesses use a roll up banner graphic time and time again, especially when at conventions or open days. This allows for brand recognition, but it also saves you money in the long term, as you don’t have to shell out every time you attend an event. Simply roll up the banner at the end of the day and store it safely in the accompanying carry case. That’s some savvy saving right there.

Low cost

At Kaizen, you can get your own custom design printed on one of our banners, the stand and the carry case for as little as £90. We also offer replacement graphics starting at £60. No need to fork out for the stand again if all you’re needing is the banner! But don’t be fooled by the price, just cause our roll up banners are great value for money doesn’t mean we skimp on quality. You can be sure that our banners are printed on top of the range materials, from the 300-micron latex vinyl to the aluminium stand. We only have the best for our customers.

So what are you waiting for? Get your very own roll up banner today. With Kaizen, you can be sure of high quality designs on the finest materials.




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