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How your company’s stationery is designed says a lot about you and your company. In a perfect world, your letterhead will provide easy to read information that matches your other branding. A compelling letterhead is an essential part of professionalism in communication between you and your contacts.

At Kaizen we print full colour letterheads (either single or double sided) in A4 or A5! But when it comes to designing your letterhead, you might not always know what to do with it.

So here’s our top 5 tips to creating a professional letterhead!

 Decide what to include in your letterhead

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But deciding exactly what to include in your layout is the first step you need to conquer. The name of your business and your logo are two elements which absolutely must be included. Next, include your company’s postal address and phone number. You may also want to include a fax number, email address, website or social media handle.

Decide on a font

If your company has used another font in other correspondence, such as business cards or compliment slips, it’s a good idea to keep it consistent and use the same font on your letterhead. If not, then a basic rule to follow is: stick to no more than two different fonts. Choose a font which reflects the business and is easy to read. 

Keep it simple

As with many aspects of design – less is more! Keeping it simple means that the font is clear and easy to read and it isn’t overly cluttered with design aspects. Remember what a letterhead is for! Having too much white space is a good thing when it comes to designing your letterhead. After all, you need space to write your letters!

Alignment and positioning

This step coincides with step 3. When considering your design, positioning is a pretty big deal. Traditionally, a letterhead goes on the top right of the page. But in recent years, businesses have been challenging tradition and putting their own spin on the humble letterhead. Remember, your letterhead reflects your business, so choose carefully.


Okay, so we all know that colour is an effective tool in marketing and design that draws in the attention of customers and clients. But when it comes to design, you’ve got to be careful. The same goes for letterheads.  Our advice is to use colour sparsely, and stick to those in your corporate brand. 

Overall, with these simple tips you'll be in a position to design and print one of the best and most effective letterheads for your business. We have created thousands of designs and printed millions of letterheads for businesses all around the UK & Ireland and can print letterheads from as little as only £88+vat. Get in touch with us today.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Leeanne McAuley
New branding & logo design for Kaizen print, Belfast

As you have probably seen over the past few days, the Kaizen Print, Belfast logo has had a refresh. Over the past six years we’ve toyed with bringing the logo into a more mature format, one that represents all the values of the Kaizen brand including the fun we like to poke at ourselves.

From this month, we’re beginning to roll out the new brand and typeface throughout all our marketing materials and online media. We are engaging in an extensive advertising campaign to promote the logo and are focusing on continuing to bring you some really amazing creative inspire you in your own work. 

Frankly, we’ve big things coming and we can’t wait for you to see them all. First up we have our social media totems and our website. Next we’ll be looking at all our own business stationery and follow that our flyers and other marketing materials will be the primary focus. 

As a business, we must all constantly evolve and grow and as Kaizen is Japanese for “Continuous Growth”, it’s only apt we practice what we preach and continue to make small request changes to better our business. Something our team fully embrace and get behind. 

Over the coming months you’ll see even more changes to our brand and a completely new direction for the Belfast design studio. Exciting times all round, but rest assure you’ll see things out and about very soon. 

Let us know what you think of the brand. We’ve considered it for some time now and we love it so much. 

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Comments | Posted in Printing By Connor McAuley