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Vehicle Branding for Deanes Restaurants, Belfast

Last month we completed a super project for long standing customer, Deanes Restaurants. We were tasked with designing, printing and installing a high end set of vehicle graphics that matched the character of the restaurants Michael Deane has developed over a number of years.

As you can see from the photo below, the goals have been achieved and our branding of the Volkswagen Caddy can now be seen #outandabout around the streets of Belfast.

Vehicle branding like this doesn't have to be over the top expensive and with consideration for the design, visible marketing opportunities can be obtained with just the simplest of graphics. Sometimes however brands warrant full vehicle wraps and in the next few weeks, we have a very special full wrap for soft drink brand Orangina. It’s surely to be a head turner.

All our vehicle wraps are printed and laminated using the latest printing technology and we can print full colour wraps or use pre-made vinyls in a variety of colours suited to your brand requirements. Both have huge merits and provide amazing cost options for your business. We would love to chat to you about the opportunity vehicle branding can provide for your marketing efforts, so please do call us on 028 9002 2474.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Connor McAuley
The Kaizen Mobile - Vehicle Graphics

The Kaizen Mobile - Vehicle Graphics

19 January 2010 15:45:29

After a couple of months of driving an unbranded yellow beetle and having my sexuality questioned by every white van at the traffic lights, I thought it was best to finally get my car branded. Hopefully the looks followed by a disapproving shake of the head will be finished with and the self promotion will flourish. Now as with anything you do for yourself, it'll always take that little bit longer to squeeze in the time for non essential things. 3 months was time enough in this case. The purpose of my car is to introduce the Kaizen Print brand to people outside of my normal marketing remit. Those on the way to current clients and prospective clients who I couldnt possibly know or market. I got my car branded at 1pm on Friday past, had 3 texts from customers by 5pm saying they had seen me about Belfast and that I should stop driving about the town and call in for coffee (read business). Yesterday I spent most of the day at the office, but got 2 calls from potential customers due to seeing the car over the weekend and then following the web address to my site. If I get one good customer from this constant promotional vehicle, it'll pay for itself in weeks. The moral of this post, brand everything you can: - Your car - Your partners car - T-shirts you wear to the gym - Clothing your family wear during activities they participate in Who knows who could see it and as a result contact you for business. Never leave a door closed for customers to find you.
Comments | Posted By Connor McAuley