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internal customer journey

internal customer journey

10 November 2016 11:05:15

What happens when a customer comes to your business. How are they greeted? What do they see? These are all things to address as part of the customers internal journey when they arrive onsite. Everything within your business should be constructed to provide a specific goal, or set of values, to those on your premises. Do you want to promote your product range? Have it on display? Do you want to show how environmentally aware your business is? Show it! Or if you want to inform your customers of other products and services you provide, then have displays or presenters prominently placed. Have a good look at what the customers experience is like from their perspective. Remember, people are inherently nosey and will see many things you will miss.

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work out a daily, weekly and monthly target

Whether in business, or in your personal life, you need to set targets and goals. By setting regular goals you can make the necessary plans and put these in motion to hit your targets. Otherwise, you’re just flailing about aimlessly and without purpose. Work out your five-year goal and then work back from it, to achieve a yearly, monthly and daily plan to get there. This way you can prioritise what you need to do now and in the future. Some goals may feel unachievable when you look at the big picture, but by breaking them down to daily activities, can seem so much more realistic. For example, adding £10,000 of revenue to your business, realistically only means selling an additional £28 per day, every day of the year.

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The seven Ps of marketing

16 May 2016 09:50:15

We at Kaizen understand marketing. We are after all, experts. Which is why in this post we will be looking the seven Ps of marketing, and how they can help your business thrive.

So what are the seven Ps?


This form of marketing is, you guessed it, focussed on the product. The marketing can focus on the features, shape, and size or on customer impressions and reactions. Or perhaps a mixture of both. It is vital to include any unique features in your marketing campaigns.  


Another P that doesn’t need much explaining. This P can be used to promote sales, or price reductions. Price is often one of (if not the most) important factors that will determine whether or not your product – or service – sells.


We aren’t talking about a sales promotion, but rather the act of actually promoting your business. Whether that is by posters, brochures or flyers. Promotion covers everything from advertising to personal selling and public relations.


This comes down to your employees. Whether it’s a sales assistant or receptionist, you need to be sure that everyone in your company who has contact with your customers is trained and knows how you want your company to come across to customers. 


This P is rather important. It’s the overall process. Before and after the point your customer purchases your product. From identifying potential customers to informing them about deliveries, all of it makes an impression and affects how customers perceive your business.


What you’ve got to remember that customers aren’t always looking specifically for your product. More often than not, they opt for what is on offer – in other words, what’s available. So when and where you make you product available to customers is important. This also applies to any signage – making sure it is somewhere easily seen by a lot of people is a sure fire way to attract new custom.

Physical Presence

For those of you whose companies don’t sell physical products, this P is for you. It’s important to provide your customers with an image that represents your organisation. This can be your premises, vehicles or even a staff uniform.

Luckily for you, you probably do most of these things already, without giving much thought to it. The likes of People and Process, you’ve probably got covered.

The type of business you run will determine how many of the Ps you need to use. Some companies only use three or four others utilise all seven in their marketing.

We at Kaizen have a huge range of marketing tools to give your campaign the boost it needs.

From contravision for windows and vehicles, to feather flags, and posters to brochure printing. We have everything you need to create a well rounded marketing drive. 

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Why is marketing important?

4 May 2016 08:07:33

Here at Kaizen we are always talking about the importance of marketing, and how you can use our products to help your business grow.

But, why do we keep banging on about it - is marketing really that important?

That is an all important question that we are here to answer.

Put simply. Yes, it is!

If you don’t market your new business, product or even an upcoming event, it is going to flop.

Nobody will know anything about it. Without marketing, your product or event will pass potential customers and clients by. Without marketing, you will miss out on hundreds of potential customers, not to mention have wasted all that money in starting up your business or creating your product.

So let’s take a look at five ways in which marketing is important to your business.


By marketing your business or a product, you are advertising it to the world. By advertising it, you are catching the attention of people who are potential customers. People look at all forms of advertising. Whether you do this by handing out flyers, or using one of our outdoor signs, you can be sure that a huge variety of people will notice your advertising techniques. Do it right, and you’ll lure in new customers.  

Brand Recognition

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new business or already successfully established. Brand recognition is one of the biggies when it comes to building relationships with customers. If you have already established your business, then using your design on all of your marketing tools is vital in order for your customers to recognise you. As a new business, gaining recognition is just as important. Using your design and/ or logo, raises the likelihood of customers identifying you.


Okay, it is similar to advertising, but promotions are slightly different. When it comes to companies, promotions play a huge role. Perhaps you are trying to boost the sale of a particular product, or are simply wanting to highlight a new one. Either way, marketing is an ideal way of getting word out about what you are selling – be it products or services.

Draws attention

At Kaizen, our team of expert designers work with you to create great, eye-catching graphic design that represents what your company stands for. Not to mention look fantastic in doing so. But a great looking design is key to drawing in attention from potential customers. A great marketing product will not only tell your customers what you need them to know, but it looks good, and people’s eyes are always attracted to good looking designs.

Brings in customers

Marketing tools, both big and small, are a great way to introduce customers to your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a beauty salon owner, a restaurant or a store, your business relies on customers buying from you. Whether you are letting them know about a sale with huge banners and posters, or are handing out discount leaflets in the street, marketing plays a huge role when it comes to bring people into your store.

There you have it folks. Five reasons why marketing is important. Now you know, why not check out our product range and see what best suits your marketing needs?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help. A member of our brilliant team will be on hand to assist you in all you design and marketing needs.


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attend networking events

attend networking events

14 January 2016 10:13:00

Networking events are set up with a specific focus. To put people together with the aim of generating sales. These are a super opportunity, but bear in mind, the goal of everyone there is to help sell their business to a larger audience. With that in mind, they still provide a great marketing opportunity and are something you should consider to help build your sales.

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New Roller Banner For Kaizen

New Roller Banner For Kaizen

28 September 2015 12:17:29

Our last promotional roller banner lasted 2 moves, 1 flood and 4 years in the Kaizen office. Yes it looked a little grubby with a few ink splashes over it, but we left it up in the office to show that with care, our roll up banners can last a very long time. There are a number of other offering cheap roller banners and frankly they are just that. Suitable for 1 of maybe 2 uses, the mechanisms are flimsy, the print quality isn't great and overall they just aren't great units. 

Our roller banners are always great value for money. You do get what you pay for. 

We’re rolling out our new branding post haste and taking a look at every area of our business to ensure we are market leaders when it comes to our own branding. We have to walk the walk so to speak and with our ever growing list of clients looking to us for inspiration it’s time again we start showcasing our own work. In the next few months we have some amazing plans coming together, starting with a Jackson Pollock style shooting range, a re-launch of the Kaizen brand and a altogether new launch of something different……and there’s more. But I’m not allowed to say anything, just yet. 

For now you can have a look at our really cool roller banner and see the new style and direction we are going with the brand. I’ll let you make your own decisions on this. 

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Hello and welcome from sunny (read rainy) Belfast! 

We are Kaizen Print and Marketing, a "Continuously Improving" print, design and marketing business, helping small and medium sized enterprises as well as the public sector in Northern Ireland with their Marketing efforts. 

Ok, but your business is called Kaizen Print 

That's absolutely correct, but with 80% of the worlds printed materials being utilised for marketing literature, it's easy to see why we are in a position to turn our marketing and design knowledge into world class printing for your business. 

 As a business, we do not employ sales people, in fact we discourage the selling of any product. You bring to us a problem or need to be filled and we bring you a cost-effective solution, whether you need a corporate brochure, business cards, or a central source to purchase print for a portfolio of businesses or franchises. 

A central print purchasing hub you say? 

Yes we did! Built into our website is the ability for franchise and retail outlet owners to place a number of frequently used products, or the promotional material for next quarters marketing campaign on our servers. 

Franchisees or store managers can then order directly from a dedicated login on our site and order from us directly. Billing can be handled at point of purchase of centrally via head office. 

But what if amendments are required to the artwork? 

As long as we have the source files, our design team can amend the artwork to individual specifications (at a cost). Alternatively, your design team can communicate to the franchisee/store managers via our unique Design Wall. 

 Our Design Wall affords the customer and the designer the ability to communicate directly with each other, while allowing the marketing department the ability to monitor all communication. Ensuring the most cost-effective course of action is taken by both parties.  

Sorry, we digress often. A little too often. At Kaizen Print and Marketing, our aim is to provide a portfolio of products that will enhance your business, whether or not you are looking to increase its sales or just maintain the custom you currently have. We hope to provide the best in class Printer in Belfast service, price and quality. 

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