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Number 1 For Customer Service

16 February 2016 20:38:10


I was a bit confused as to what I wanted, but these guys took the time to discuss my options whilst making a few...

Posted by Courtney Rush on Thursday, January 21, 2016


Not everyone buys print each and everyday, so there's absolutely no reason to apologise if you don't know exacctly what you're looking for. A flyer is otherwise known as a leaflet and roller banner is of course just another name for a penguin stand. You could call it a milk float for all we care, but as long as you can give us a bit of a description we'll do our very best to assist you with the right type of printing for your project.

Courtney above is a great example of how our team help customers determine what will work best for their project and what is most cost ffective within their budgets. It's our job to help make your design and print projects successful, so if you're unsure of your gsm from your dpi, just get in touch with us on 028 9002 2474 and we'll go out of our way each and every time to make sure you get the best advice possible.

Kaizen Print was launched in 2009 with the focus on bringing years of design and marketing experience, as well as a passion for customer servicetogether to form a print company. By looking at the goals of each project rather than the product itself, we can advise more effectively on the right type of print for you needs. We are only too happy to help assist and can print 100 to 100,000 leaflets cost effectively for you. 

If you need print, think Kaizen.

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New Roller Banner For Kaizen

New Roller Banner For Kaizen

28 September 2015 12:17:29

Our last promotional roller banner lasted 2 moves, 1 flood and 4 years in the Kaizen office. Yes it looked a little grubby with a few ink splashes over it, but we left it up in the office to show that with care, our roll up banners can last a very long time. There are a number of other offering cheap roller banners and frankly they are just that. Suitable for 1 of maybe 2 uses, the mechanisms are flimsy, the print quality isn't great and overall they just aren't great units. 

Our roller banners are always great value for money. You do get what you pay for. 

We’re rolling out our new branding post haste and taking a look at every area of our business to ensure we are market leaders when it comes to our own branding. We have to walk the walk so to speak and with our ever growing list of clients looking to us for inspiration it’s time again we start showcasing our own work. In the next few months we have some amazing plans coming together, starting with a Jackson Pollock style shooting range, a re-launch of the Kaizen brand and a altogether new launch of something different……and there’s more. But I’m not allowed to say anything, just yet. 

For now you can have a look at our really cool roller banner and see the new style and direction we are going with the brand. I’ll let you make your own decisions on this. 

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Employee of the Year 2011 - Chris Smyth - Kaizen Print, Belfast
When a staff member goes above and beyond the call of duty consistently over the course of a year, while keeping us entertained in the midst of things, it's only befitting that they are awarded with a company's most prestigious honour. Unfortunately we couldn't decide who deserved this accolade as all our team are magnificently awesome and so by default, Chris who doesn't actually work for the company was recently awarded Employee of the Year by partner, Martin McAuley.
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New Site Live & Kicking

1 September 2009 15:20:00

You might have noticed a few things changing round these parts recently! Our new website is finally live and kicking. So welcome to Kaizen Print V 2.0, our amazing new home. The main purpose of the site redesign, was to allow for more products to be shown and indeed more prices, making things a little easier to navigate.

We hope you like it as much as we do! Now go buy some flyers and posters...please

Why does a relatively new printing site need a redesign?

As our business is so young, every day we are being presented with new opportunities and insights into how our customers are finding us and the products we have for sale that will benefit heir businesses. These insights show us our current short comings in communication and functionality that would make their ordering process simple and easier to manage. 

Adding the ability for our customers to buy online through a bespoke e-commerce platform ensures those who want to buy from us have the option to do so at a time of their choosing. By fully integrating our site in e-commerce, we are ensuring a seamless experience rather than an added after thought.

We’ve also launched this blog platform which I amusing now to communicate with our clients, to provide marketing advice, printing special offers and news from around Belfast that I believe to be of benefit to our clients such as Events and training we are attending.

As you can also see, this refresh is about taking our branding to the next level. We have a strong core brand, but in order to develop this, we needed to develop the secondary colour palette and typefaces affording us the ability to grow and develop this into new markets.

Finally, we updated the Kaizen Print website to shake things up. Now armed with our own in-house team, it was our opportunity to showcase the high level of skills and creative talent we have at our disposal. I think you’ll agree that there’s not a printer in Belfast with a website quite like ours.

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