One of the favourite printed products we sell is our amazing Table Talkers. Our clients love them to! These unobtrusive marketing tools are perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants and any hospitality area where your customers sit at a table for any length of time. Got a new menu, a new cocktail or a special that’s worth shouting from the hill tops, then you need table talkers. Amazing Uses of Table Talkers Many of our clients use out table cards for seasonal promotions. One coffee chain we have just completed a project for, showcase their Christmas specials on tent cards. This means their main displays don’t have to be changed, yet there is enough brand awareness of the seasonal products that they sell in great numbers. Fancy a Gingerbread Latte anyone? Whatever you wish to promote table talkers are right for you. Remind your customers that you're BYO, remind them of your dessert offerings or the amazing cocktail 2 for 1 offer you run every Friday. With a promotional tool literally at their fingertips, never again can your customer miss your special offers. For clubs and pubs we recommend laminating your table talkers. The inevitable spills and drips that happen throughout the course of a busy night will decimate un-laminated table talkers in only a few sittings, so we highly recommend you consider laminating, unless the tent cards are for a one off, consider lamination. A couple of the nightclubs use tent cards not only as cocktail menus, but also as event listings. Especially in the run up to big events, halloween, Christmas, the World Cup and the likes, getting your marketing message in front of your target audience is a huge opportunity you cant afford to miss. Our tent cards go amazingly with posters and flyer printing too. Meat in a Bap (Belfast) recently decided to showcase a trial dessert menus through the use of tent cards. Unsure which desserts they would finally add to their menu, they decided to trial a number on a tent card that would serve as a testing platform. This saved them having to print a brand new menu twice with the test content and then with the finalised menu. Saving ££££. Our tent cards and table talkers are printed on 350gsm silk. We print, crease and lay flat for shipping, but an additional glued flap allows for easy set up. You can view a tent card set up instructional video over on our youtube page. Next Level Marketing / Design Tip: Add a pattern or content to the inside. People are inherently nosey and will go out of their way to see what it says. Even if you just add a design to the inside, this really does finish the tent cards off. Whatever your area of business, our tent cards and table talkers are worth having long look at. Simple to use, easy to create and they don't cost the earth. Our design team are well versed in designing tent cards, so do let us guide you through the process. Get in touch via email, or call us on 028 9002 2474.