This week one of our long standing clients - Gym Co Belfast, introduced a new element to their spa facilities by way of multiple sun beds. We helped them with their mandatory signage. Wind down after a big work out with our great space facilities on site. Our large Jacuzzi, Steam room, Sunbeds and Sauna are great for taking the edge off after a great workout or for just winding down after a stressful day As with the nature of sun beds, those who sell their services must display a Health Warning prominently where the users may see them. Supplied by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, they are a strict requirement for to ensure members are aware of the dangers of using Sunbeds. The warning includes: Using sunbeds can harm your health in the long term. Sunbeds have been linked to:— • a higher risk of skin cancer – people who use sunbeds for the first time before the age of 35 increase their risk of developing malignant melanoma (the most serious form of skin cancer) by 75%; • eye damage including a higher risk of cataracts (an eye disease in which the lens of the eye becomes covered in an opaque film that affects sight and may eventually cause total loss of sight) – if appropriate eye protection is not worn; and • premature skin ageing which means that your skin becomes coarse, leathery and wrinkled at a younger age. The health risks of using a sunbed are greater than any possible benefits they might provide in helping the body create Vitamin D. There are also short term health effects:— • sunburnt skin, which may become red and painful and may blister; • skin dryness; • an itchy “heat” rash; • reactivation of cold sores; and • itchy eyes, conjunctivitis or more serious eye conditions if appropriate eye protection is not worn. You should not use a sunbed if you:— • have had skin cancer in the past; • have a family history of skin cancer; • have fair or sensitive skin; • burn easily in sunlight; • have sunburn/skin damage or have a history of sunburn especially in childhood; • have a large number of freckles and/or red hair; • have a large number of moles; • have a medical condition that is made worse by sunlight; • are using medication or creams that make your skin more sensitive to sunlight; • have a weakened immune system; • fail to protect your eyes – never use a sunbed without wearing suitable eye protection; • are under 18. Some women find their skin is more sensitive during pregnancy. This could mean that your skin may be more likely to burn in the sun or if you use a sunbed. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO ALLOW A PERSON UNDER 18 USE A SUNBED ON SUNBED PREMISES OR TO HIRE OR SELL A SUNBED TO A PERSON UNDER 18 As you can see from the image below, the designers at Gym Co have done a great job in keeping this on brand but making the signage stand out so customers will see this. The sunbed warning signage was printed on vinyl and laid onto 3mm foamex. This ensures that the visibility of the graphics will be high and durability extremely strong.