Does your business have something to say ? Want to get that message across in a fun and creative fashion ? Then why not put it on a sticker ?

Stickers are a fun, creative and innovative way to market your products, with many businesses’ choosing to give them away as freebies with delivery orders or hand them out as part of promotional packs. Others use them as a way to make their product stand out while on the shelves, with attractive design elements which catch the eye of customers.

However, stickers have another use which might be a fantastic way to promote your business and pull in a few extra customers. Distributing stickers with your customer’s online order is a good guerrilla marketing technique. Guerrilla marketing is defined as a marketing strategy delivered in an unconventional way. Giving out free stickers branded with your company logo, slogan or design definitely falls into this character. Who knows where people might stick them ?

Added to this, sticker printing is a relatively low cost way of advertising your products. They are much cheaper to produce than posters, flyers or leaflets and with an attractive design can often look much better. Besides, it’s much easier to carry a sheet or two of stickers around in your pocket than it is to carry an A3 poster.

Perhaps they aren’t for commercial use at all though ? Maybe you want a way to mark your equipment as your own. Perhaps your items are constantly getting mixed up with everyone else’s in the office. Why not get a sheet of stickers with your initials or name on them and leave no doubt who it belongs to ?

Kaizen are committed to providing businesses with the very best in marketing and promotional materials, so you can be sure what you are ordering from us is of the highest possible standard.

If you need a new way to market your products, make them stand out while on the shelves or simply want a fun freebie to hand out to loyal customers with their order, then we  recommend Kaizen’s A-size sticker printing service. WIth sheets available in A6, A5, A4 or A3 size and with quantities ranging from 100 to 500, we have you covered whatever your business size and needs. We print on a matt crack back surface, so it won’t fall apart after a little use.

However, if you need something a little more creative, then why not consider our plotted sticker range. These stickers are available in nearly any size and shape, they are totally customised to your needs.The best thing about or plotted range though is how tough they are. Our plotted vinyl means that these can spend weeks, months or even years or a surface, indoor or out, without being ripped, torn or damaged in any way. The vinyl coating offers some protection against the elements making them suitable for outdoor use.

Our high-quality printing service uses state of the art printing technology to ensure your design isn’t lost and Kaizen’s design team are on hand to assist you in the design of your products in any way possible.