Today we learn about copyright infringement and why it's really not a good idea to copy other peoples text, whether this is in print or indeed on the web. Our good friends at Status Printing (Printer in Belfast) have decided it would be a great idea to utilise all the text and content descriptions we created on their site. Now this wouldn't be a problem if we were actually friends and/or they didn't just copy and paste it from the Kaizen Print site. They copied the business card text, the letterhead text, poster and pretty much everything we have worked tirelessly for over the past four years. Now you may be thinking to yourself (and rightly so), why would we air this in public. Well the reasons are quite simple. 1) To use their own methods aginst them 2) Because we'd like to give them a lesson in copyright law So guys, lets direct you the IPO's website, our lawyers will no doubt do the very same shortly! IPO Website Or to quote them directly: Websites and the internet Copyright applies to the internet in the same way as material in other media. For example, any photographs you place on the internet will be protected in the same way as other artistic works; any original written work will be protected as a literary work, and so on. We've asked these guys to use their own creativity and write their own text. More importantly, remove ours! But who knows, it could just be a case of extreme distregard for the law and a case for the legal team