wedding stationery paper

Speak to us before you buy your wedding stationery card elsewhere

One of the most common requests we get from brides to be is the ability to use card they buy online for their wedding stationery. It’s disappointing to have to explain to them that we are unfortunately unable to use that card during the print process.

Our advice: Speak to us first!

Use of outside purchased card is generally unavailable for 2 main reasons. Firstly card bought online is usually bought at the size of the final invite the bride wants. This doesn’t suit the digital or litho printing processes we undertake to create final wedding invites or RSVPs. As a commercial digital printer, we need to use larger sheets that are trimmed to size after the printing process. This saves money on the number of sheets we need to print, but also gives us control over the print job. Smaller cards don’t go through our printer. This is how all commercial digital printers process jobs.

The second main problem with using externally bought card stocks is due to the production method of that card. All digitally approved card stocks are created in a dust free environment. This protects our machinery and differs from other stocks considerably as litho papers or card stocks such as those purchased from wedding stationers online do not confirm to the same specifications. If such card bought elsewhere was to break or damage our printers, we would be liable for the maintenance and fixing costs. This plus the downtime of our printers is something which we cannot risk.

However all is not lost! We understand that brides are looking something special from their wedding stationery and with this in mind we have sourced a range of bespoke papers from Kraft, to Ivory, textured or metallic, we have an array of digital printer safe card and paper stocks that we can use for all your wedding stationery printing.

Please, when considering your wedding stationery for the very first time, speak to us before you purchase card stocks elsewhere. We don’t want you to waste money unnecessarily on unusable card and papers.

Call us today on 028 9002 2474 or pop into our office for a chat on all manner of wedding printing.