Letterhead Printing Belfast

Many entrepreneurs are full of sales charisma and networking savvy. They understand finance and how to get things done. They have a go get 'em attitude. However do once you have your start up started, do you know what branded materials you need?

As the UUBS Entrepreneurship Conference is today, we thought we would run through some pointers on essential branded material for a start up company or self fueled entrepreneur.

Business Cards: The must have  networking tool. It contains your personality and everything you do in one place, its your main selling tool on the front lines. There are endless ways to design and print your business cards, with a little bit of creativity you can really ensure you stand out. Ensure your email, web address, phone number and website are included. Another useful addition is your Linkedin id.

Letterheads: Letterheads must always contain your address and company number by law. After that the design is up to you. We also often get asked to create electronic versions of letterheads. These must contain the same info, and we find the best way to set these up is as a word document template. However sending these as attachments in emails may not be the best method...

Email signatures: Having a fully branded email with email signature is a more professional looking way of sending over details you would normally include on a letterhead. Keeping these simple and text based is key, as often images wont show up in clients inboxes. Sending to many attachments and images in emails can land your email in the spam box. Its best to keep online communication in text format, and keep it relevant. If possible get your clients to marl you as a safe sender, ensuring you can send them better looking emails, with less fuss.

Signage: Making your business easy to spot no matter what the profession is essential. If potential clients have to hunt for your business chances are they will go else where. Foamex and correx signs are cost effective and great looking indoors and out. Vinyl wraps can also make your business stand out, without leaving a permanent trace on the building or structure. As an extra always make sure your business is on google maps, and in the right location with lots of images, this way people will have no trouble finding you.