As we fast approach our 1st business birthday, it s shocking how much we’ve grown... At the grand old age of one, we have achieved so much. From printing out millionth flyer earlier this year, to making serious headway within the corporate and multi-national business sectors, the advertising and online marketing side of Kaizen is now steady on its feet and cutting teeth... I think we’re almost out of nappies now too... This week, we launched our first truly international campaign. A momentous occasion for us, as everyone knows what serious hifi geeks we are! Denon the worldwide high end audiovisual brand are celebrating their 100th Year anniversary. They have tasked us with launching a social media campaign & generating online awareness throughout the course of the year. This is no doubt a great opportunity to showcase our talents and we can’t wait. Yes we have been very very busy - and no we havent considered any external marketing, but our social media services are not presented in a scattered approach, but tailored to the customers we know it will work for and have the confidence in us to provide such a service. Our referrals online are the testament to social media work we undertake and furthermore a great opportunity to showcase that social media does work for small local businesses and international ones alike. As part of the campaign we have launched the Denon 100 Facebook Fan Page & also the Denon 100 microsite and will be promoting these extensively over the next year. Have a look, become a fan and enter for your chance to win a DM38 Microsystem and some fabulous noise canceling headphones. If you are interested in finding out how social media can help your business, please give us a call on 028 9002 2474