When it comes to marketing, there are so many different ways you can go about it. For the larger companies, taking out a big billboard in a central location around town is an easy and effective way to do it, but for smaller business like you, there’s a choice to be made.

Do you go big and bright or small and sophisticated?

If you are planning a stationary event, such as a stall at an open day for example, then big format products such as roller banners and posters are a key visual to the campaign. This is because they will draw in attention and will have customers flocking to your stand.

The classic poster is a tried and tested way to go. Making it bright and readable will attract customers/clients to you and clever design can let them know exactly what you can offer them. But, as an alternative to a poster, why not give a roller banner a try? Roller banners are one of our most underused and effective marketing products. They come with a steady base, so they don’t fall over easily and are durable enough to be used time and time again without showing signs of wear and tear. What’s more, they can be printed double sided, so it’s like getting two banners for the price of one.

So, now you’ve drawn the client in, you have to keep them interested. This means giving them something smaller to read over while they assess your potential, so this is where small format products come in.

There are a few options you could go for here. Among the most popular are the business card and the flyer. Both of these are brilliant at communicating a message in a simple and effective way, but there’s a better way to make you stand out.

For example, rather than handing over a typical square of cardboard, why not try Kaizen’s new rounded business cards. We’ve made business cards more appealing by adding, or taking away, the corners, giving a much more pleasing look.

And why not send them away with one of Kaizen’s full-colour printed brochures. These are a perfect way to showcase the kind of products and services your business can offer them. We print our brochures, catalogues or magazines - however you want to describe them - to the highest standard, so they are sure to impress any potential clients or customers.

The list of possibilities is endless.

Knowing how to partner up big and small format marketing products will benefit your company and you will be sure to see an increase in sales.

In short, the real answer to big or small is: there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. You have to do what’s right for your business. At Kaizen, we offer a huge range of products, big and small, so you know whatever kind of marketing you decide upon in the end, Kaizen can produce it to the highest quality.