Ever heard the story of the cleaner with the dirty home? Nope, must be a Lisburn thing then. The gist of the story is that the cleaner is too busy cleaning other peoples homes and offices that she forgets to clean her own. After a while the customers dry up and the only home she has to clean is her own. The moral of this long winded story is that you have to make time to keep your own house in shape or else you could be spending a fair bit of time there. At Kaizen Print, we try and blog once a week, check all prices monthly and post on our Facebook once a day (something like this post). Not only does this keep things fresh for your customers, but provides fresh content for google to see and hopefully rank you for. Things you might like to try 1) Blogging once a day 2) Updating your pricelist monthly 3) Adding any news to your site weekly