You know when something just feels right? That you know it’s going to be a hit? That's the feeling I had yesterday when I spoke to Gary from Slims Healthy Kitchen. Albeit at the time, I was sitting down to a large bowl of the Hudson's famous chicken wings and a steak sandwich. It was of course, my cheat day. Course it was. But I wasn't solely there for the wings. The purpose of this visit, was to plan the pre-launch and launch marketing of Slims Healthy Kitchen, a brand new concept restaurant for Belfast, for Northern Ireland and quite possibly the rest of Europe. One which I am so in love with, I felt obliged to tell you about. This culinary concept brings quite frankly the stars into alignment for me. How does Guilt Free Fast Food sound? It sounds bloody awesome and already I'm salivating over sweet potato wedges oven cooked with a sprinkling of Cajun spices. Gary when you read this, the menu sounds amazing. I'm in. The way I'll describe Slims Kitchen is very simple. It's informal dining, giving you a tastier and healthier alternative. If you ate there instead of grabbing a scone for breakfast, a sandwich meal deal for lunch and instead of a Nandos / Wagamama / Boojum for tea, you'd be making serious in-roads on a healthier lifestyle. No one wants to be size zero. They think they do, but they don't. Why would you put yourself through a torturous diet of, well, pretty much nothing? To look starved and malnourished? Eat Well, Look well! SHK aims to position itself right smack bang in the middle of your diet, whether you're training for a marathon, looking to lose a few pounds, or just make the right food choices, SHK will be your ally. While Gary and I are talking about marketing, the ideas really do start to flow and massive things are now in motion for Slims Heathy Kitchen. There's such a buzz about it already, we're extremely glad and priviliged to have been involved from the very concept discussion, many months ago. Slims Healthy Kitchen - Coming to the Lisburn Road, Belfast very soon but visit them here on Facebook in the meantime