Signage is the most effective way to communicate and advertise your business to a large audience.

There’s no simpler form of advertising than having the name of your business up in big easy to read letters.

At Kaizen, we use three types of material for this kind of rigid media: Foamex, Correx and Di-bond.

These materials are great for both indoor and outdoor use. But which one is most suitable for you and your company?

We shall start off with Foamex.

Foamex is a featherweight PVC foam sheet which has mechanical and insulation properties. It is waterproof which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Don’t let the “foam” part of the name put you off – there’s nothing foam like about it!  In fact, you can treat it just like any other solid plastic.

Foamex is strong and durable, but it can still be cut or drilled into shape.

If Foamex isn’t what you are looking for, then maybe Correx is what you are after.

Correx is a type of fluted plastic board. Like Foamex, it is also waterproof. As our Correx boards are 4mm, they are perfect for outdoor use and can withstand the elements.

However, because of its fluted construction, it is more suitable for short to medium term signage. The most popular uses for Correx include real estate agent boards, building site signage and exhibition boards.

Despite its ability to withstand the elements, it has been known to bend in strong winds. If your sign is likely to be exposed to stronger winds, you may want to consider Dibond.

Dibond is the brand name for aluminium composite sheet, which is made up of a solid polyethylene core in the middle of 2 sheets of aluminium.

It is the strongest of the three materials on offer from Kaizen.

These sheets can be drilled, screwed and shaped to create totally unique signage. Another plus to this material is that it won’t rust or fade in the sun, making it the ideal material if you’re looking for something to go outdoors.

Aluminium Dibond is a high-quality form of signage. It has the highest durability of the three materials.

Common uses for Dibond are road signs, outdoor shop signs and event signage.

While Dibond is more expensive than Correx and Foamex, it significantly more durable and offers a longer term solution to your signage problems.

Whatever your signage needs, be it indoor, outdoor, long term or short term, feel safe in the knowledge that Kaizen has got you covered.