set up an instagram account

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most used social networks with millions of users worldwide sharing imagery and photography, relevant to them. It can be a fantastic sales and marketing tool for your business when used correctly. Make sure you have a content calendar and a clearly defined goal for Instagram use, so that it can be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Like all social media, there is always the propensity to waste time online and so by having the content schedule created in advance, you are using your time wisely. ‘Kaizen Tip’ If you’re using a Mac, a quick and easy way to use Instagram is to write a note in the notes app and upload to iCloud. The same with the photo. These will both be available on your iPhone for immediate use on Instagram. Copying and pasting the text directly from notes to Instagram will save you hours, if not days, over the course of the year.

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