Chances are you’ve been given a business card from a customer or supplier and thought to yourself “what’s the point”. It’s low quality, or worse, designed in word and is clearly not presenting them in the best light. Fear not our friends, for we shall never let an inadequate business card leave our shores, or go through our doors.

Our business cards are amazing quality and whether you choose our standard 350gsm silk or 400gsm silk options, they will never let you down in front of a customer. In fact they’ll think to themselves, by heck this guy knows what he’s doing, take my money.

Today we’ve launched an even better version of our business cards. Let us introduce to you our Rounded Corner Business Cards. To be fair we’ve offered these cards for some time, but only on request. We had to outsource the round cornering and this frankly made us wince at the cost. This week our latest bit of equipment was delivered and we’re not able to offer you rounded corner business cards at extremely competitive prices.

For now, our round cornering is only available on our 350gsm silk business cards, but if you want to request this on your luxury card order, please just get in touch with our team, we’ll only be too glad to help.

Even better than the prices is that our rounded corner business cards can still be printed and ready for collection in the same short lead times as our standard business cards, or to you and I, in only 1 or 2 days.