When it comes to marketing your business, you sometimes have to think outside the box. In some cases, this leads to using roller banners as your primary marketing tool.

We all know that some companies will use their entire wall space to advertise. But by doing so, you are restricting those who see it to those who actually come into the store. In other words, the ones who already know what you have to offer.

Utilising space doesn’t and shouldn’t limit you to inside the shop or office. If you want to draw in passing trade, then you have to advertise outside too.

There are so many ways you can do this, but one of the simplest and most effective ways is by using a roller banner.

Roller banners, or roll up banners as they are sometimes called, are low cost, free standing graphics which can be placed anywhere and everywhere. This includes placing them outdoors.

Four examples of times when you can use a roller banner to great effect

New business

If you have just set up your business, the local people will not know you exist yet. Potential customers could be walking or driving right past your premises without knowing that you are there or what you offer. Roller banners are a great way to catch a passer-by’s eye. Place on the street outside your business to lure people in, or if your business is in an area such as a shopping centre, place the roller banner somewhere popular so it can be seen by loads of people. Be sure to include all the relevant information like who you are and where you are based so customers can find you.


With money being a major issue in many people’s lives, customers just aren’t wanting to spend the same as in years gone by. Especially in this period just after the holiday season, nobody seems to want to spend money. But, retailers never fear! For this is where a sale comes in handy. Everyone enjoys a good sale. Who doesn’t love picking up a bargain? So why not let the world know about your sale with a roller banner?  All you need to include is your company’s name, address and the word “Sale”, and you’ll have customers flocking into your store to see what they can pick up.  

New product or service

Another way to utilise the roller banner is using it to promote a new product. Whether you are a beauty salon offering a new treatment, or a car dealership offering a new motor, a new product attracts new customers. Advertise yours on a roller banner to catch the eyes of those on the look out for something new.  

At Kaizen, we know that the Great Northern Irish weather won’t always be totally reliable, so you might not want to place your roller banners outside. This is why these great products are easily transportable. So when the summer goes from nice to wet in the blink of an eye, you can bring the banner out and place it indoors. It can still advertise to your customers and get your message out there.