Feather flags are a great way to advertise your business outdoors. Their light and sleek design makes them an eye catching option for car dealerships, sales events and golf days.

They’re also practical and are able to be easily customised with your own logo, slogan or company name printed in full colour. However, while we at Kaizen believe our feather flags, or ‘teardrop banners’ as they are sometimes known, are ideal for any marketing situation, we often feel another product is somewhat overlooked for the same job.

Our roll up banners are a relatively low cost and low maintenance alternative to feather flags, but offer many of the same benefits.

Both are portable and both are supplied with their very own carry case to make transporting them a bit easier. However, roll up banners are able to be broken down into a compact and manageable size and then reassembled quickly, In fact we actually tried this, and found that we could put up and take down our banners in 30 seconds. This is particularly advantageous if, like a lot of businesses, you position your roll up banner outside, where you don’t want to spend a long time disassembling your banner articularly if it’s cold and/or wet - which let’s face it, in the UK it probably will be.

Roll up banners also have the added advantage of having a much lighter yet still as sturdy metal base. Our roll up banners are supplied with a base with two feet which fold up for easy assembly, however our feather flags come with a number of base options. We offer a ground spike option, for feather flags which will be placed on grass as well as an option to attach your flag to a vehicle, which is perfect for a car dealership. In terms of sales events, we offer heavy bases to ensure your feather flag doesn’t fall over - one using a water bag and the other using a weighted base. These are both much heavier and much less portable than the traditional roller banner base.

Our roll up banners are also much more cost effective than their teardrop equivalent. While teardrop banners are available in three sizes - small 2.2m, medium 3.2m and large 4.3m - they are costly and are generally bought as part of a much larger promotional operation. Roll up banners are a much cheaper alternative and offer value for money. We are able to print your roll up banner double sided, so you can have twice the marketing power for the price of one. We also print our roll up banners on a standard six foot size, so you know it will certainly be eye catching, and using UV resistant ink, so the colour won’t be damaged by direct sunlight.

If you have your heart set on a feather flag, then Kaizen won’t stand in your way, but we assure you, choosing a roll up banner is just as good and could be a much more cost effective way of promoting your business.