All good Restauranteurs know that an eye-catching menu is essential to the success of their business.

Whether it’s a greasy spoon, a chain of gastro pubs or a Michelin Star bistro, a menu that diners want to pick up is crucial to driving up trade.

Nobody is going to want to eat at a place with a bland, uninteresting menu in case the food follows suit.

So, how do you choose a menu that won’t leave a bitter taste in customers’ mouths and give you as a business owner the sweet taste of success?

Well, start by deciding the type of menu on offer and choose the right material from Kaizen’s wide range to suit you.

For example, if your restaurant has a high flow of traffic, then why not go with our single use menus?

Printed on 120gsm uncoated paper, these are perfect for eateries with fast food in mind. The uncoated paper makes them perfect for laying on the table as placemats or even to be coloured in as the kids menu. These are also ideal if your menu changes often as they are designed to be disposable.

But if you need something a little tougher and a bit more “high end” without breaking the bank, then consider our un-laminated menus printed on either 350gsm silk or uncoated card.

These are perfect if your menu doesn’t change too often and they are durable enough to last until it does. They are available in full colour and can even be printed double sided for even better value.

Upload your own images and graphics and customise them to your liking for an even more personalised feel.

However, if these aren’t quite to your taste, then perhaps a fully laminated menu might be better.

These are perfect if you have an established menu that doesn’t change too quickly. Printed on Kaizen’s 350gsm silk or uncoated card and then laminated with your choice of 75 Micron gloss or matt lamination, these are menus for restaurants with a slightly more refined palette.

In addition, they are durable and wipe clean, which means they are perfect for those messy customers.

Available in either A3 or A4 format, not even Gordon Ramsey could put these menus through enough punishment to look depleted.

Even if you need something a bit more rugged, we have you covered. Our heavy laminated menus are the most durable as they are printed on 350gsm silk then laminated with a 250 Micron Ultra Heavyweight laminate. They aren’t quite indestructible – but they are the next best thing! This menu is available in A4 and A3.

Many of our current clients are among the top restaurants in Belfast. They come to us because we are experts in designing menus. So if you don’t want your menu leaving a sour taste in your and your customer’s mouths then come to Kaizen for all your printing needs.