We print PVC banners, mesh banners, roll up banners and pretty much any type of banner under the sun. Over the past few years, we have really gotten a name for ourselves in printing some of the best banners in Belfast. With good reason!!! Today we wanted to talk through some of the common questions we are asked when designing and printing banners. Hopefully this covers all your questions and queries. If not, just get in touch via the Contact form or call us on 028 9002 2474. We’re always here to help.

Designing a PVC or Mesh Banner

PVC and Mesh Banners are usually outdoor “from a distance” banners. Rarely are they to be read up close and have a massive amount of detail on them. With this in mind, we always recommend the 3 second rule when creating a PVC banner. The 3 second rule If you cant read it in three second, take it off the design. This usually leaves the right amount of information to be digested in the time taken to pass the banner. If you were to listen to me harp on about the content of a banner, I’d say quite sternly, 3 things. 1) Logo 2) Message 3) Link to Sale or Contact By using these three key elements to create you banner, you can be assured that you will design the best banner possible. If it cant be read and digested quickly, then you have lost the opportunity to market to potential clients.

Designing a Roller Banner

Like Mesh Banners, less is more and while a Roll Up Banner is generally viewed much closer than PVC banners, you really do have to understand its use as a marketing tool. Roller banners are not a replacement for a sales person, they are there to grab attention and ensure the potential clients understand your services, before asking a question. Think of them as a sales qualifier. The same three key elements apply to Roller Banner design; Logo, Message and Link to Sale/Contact. However you can expand your sales message just a tad, to really drive enquiries. We have designed hundreds if not thousands of roller banners and from this experience we really can provide sound advice on what works…..and what doesn't work. If you are attending a trade show, exhibition, a conference or just like us you need a roller banner to spruce up your reception area, let us help. Call in to our Belfast office anytime or schedule a design meeting with one of our creative team by calling 028 9002 2474.