If I had to choose my favourite printed product we sell it would undoubtedly be banner printing. We at Kaizen Print are known far and wide for the banners we print for companies all across the UK & Ireland and every year we print thousands of metres of banners in all sizes for businesses, charities, local community groups and personal projects. We love printing banners and with our state of the art Roland wide format printers we have the ability and the capacity to undertake any banner printing projects.

At Kaizen we have one underlying rule - provide unrivalled customer service. From taking your details, to processing the artwork all the way through to invoicing your order we aim to provide the best customer experience possible. We will never ever print artwork we don’t believe will be acceptable and will always do our utmost to help you with your design and print. If at anytime you need assistance with any of your design or print, please get in touch with us on 028 9002 2474 and we’ll do our utmost to assist you.

Today we’re talking about PVC Banners. PVC or Poly(Vinyl) Chloride banners are an unbelievably cost effective way to provide indoor and outdoor marketing for your business. They are completely waterproof and so are suitable for the majority of uses a business could require. As PVC is plastic, it is strong but completely flexible, even when used on very thin rolls. These thin rolls allow us to print you pvc banner at any lengths, while maintaining the strength of your banner.

Mesh PVC Banner or Standard PVC Banners?

We offer 2 types of PVC Banner printing here at Kaizen Print. Our most popular option by a mile is our standard PVC Banner. Printed on a 440gsm solid PVC, this option is suitable for the majority of uses and provides the best value / quality trade off. For those who are to place their banners in windy locations we also offer a 320gsm mesh banner. Mesh banners have thousands of micro-holes which allow wind to travel through and reduces “sailing” which could damage your building.

We finish all our banners to your specification. The most popular way for this is standard hemming and eyelits. We use a high tensile tape to reinforce the edges when hemming and then finish with metal eyelits at regular intervals along the edges of the banner. Depending on the size of the banner, you will get a certain number of eyelits. However if you have specific requirements, please do let us know and we’ll accommodate. This is particularly important if your banners are replacing another in a very specific position. If your PVC Banner is large, we’ll use a heat sealer to join the banner together. This gives us the best finish for extremely large banners.

Our PVC Banners can be printed and finished in only 24 hours, but for the best prices, it’s best to give us a little bit more time to complete your order. To place your order please visit our PVC banner printing page or call us on 028 9002 2474.