This week we had been tasked with printing a PVC banner for the team at El Divino, Belfast to promote this forthcoming Saturdays guest DJ. The one, the only, grand-daddy of house music, Mr Danny Rampling! We were a little more than excited if truth be told. For many many years, we have followed the local and international dance and Danny has been one of our most favourited DJs in that time. Up there with the international greats, he has consistently provided great soundtracks for our office and nights out. So, we were delighted beyond belief when we got to print a lifesize version of him on one of our pvc banners. The banner will be used within the club tonight when he is playing and also through the streets of Belfast City centre as the El Divino PR & Marketing team do their guerilla style marketing this afternoon. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of photos on facebook…..there always is. The banner looked absolutely fantastic and we are overjoyed to be printing their flyers and posters for this event also. Danny Rampling, tonight at El Divino, Belfast