When it comes everything print, design and marketing related, leave it to us at Kaizen. We are experts in this field. Which is why we understand that when it comes to advertising, big and bright is a sure fire way to grab the attention of the public, and PVC banners are at the forefront of the big and bold marketing tools.

These fantastic products are big, bright and are completely unmissable. Seriously, if you were walking or driving along the street you couldn’t help but notice one of these bad boys!

That is exactly why they are an incredibly useful piece of advertising merchandise to have.

Being printed on PVC material means that they are built for being displayed outdoors. These banners are highly durable making them the ideal outdoor advertisement.

These wonderful signs even stand their ground against everything the Northern Irish weather has to throw at them. From rain and wind to the rare sunny days.

At Kaizen, our PVC banners are available in a range of different sizes, from 1.3 x 1 m to 6 x 1 m. So you can go big or you can go really big.

Our banners are printed, single sided on 440gsm PVC. The fact they are single sided makes them the perfect type of product to have hanging up on an outdoor railing or wall.

We use only the highest quality PVC, long term outdoor inks and the latest printing technology to produce our banners. Not only this, but by printing at over 300dpi, ensures a photo like reproduction. So even if you take a magnifying glass to it, your banners will have a high definition – high quality look about them.

In addition to this, we also offer a range of finishes with your choice of hemming and eyelits, allowing you to have full control over where and how your banners are hung.

Prices for our PVC banners start at only £20+vat. Yes, you read that right. Twenty pounds.

But don’t be fooled by the low cost. Because they are printed on site at our Belfast print house, we can assure you that our products are of the highest quality. Another benefit of having them printed on site is that it means we can offer you can a choice of lead time – one or two days. So not only do you pay for a high quality product, you also pay for fast service!

So we’ve touched upon all the important aspects of these banners. But there is one more characteristic we must mention, and it is perhaps the most useful thing about our low cost high quality PVC banners.  We are talking about reuse. They are easy to roll up and can be stored away, ready for being pulled out again for use another time. In fact, because we only use the highest quality, long term outdoor inks – you can rest assured that your banner won’t fade quickly – whether you leave it up or keeping rolling it out for different events.