I’ve getting a lot of stick in the office recently about becoming a grumpy old man with an allotment. Let me put this straight, I was grumpy before the allotment. The past few weekends have been a mix of digging and weeding, wedding and digging. But on Saturday, our mates up at Andy’s Stores brought us just shy of two tonnes of topsoil. I hadn't intended to move it all on my own on Saturday, but it was left smack bang in the middle of the only exit from the allotment. It took me 1hour and 47 minutes to shift the two tonnes. We’re making great progress with the site and this weekend will be dedicated to building the shed and raised beds. After that our seedlings will be planted and we’re on our way to a great level of sustainability. I’m just hoping for a little better weather to really enjoy the time in the garden. If you have any tips for complete newbie gardeners, we’d really love to hear from you. The few days off at easter will really see some amazing progress. We’ll keep you updated with more photos.