If you have been following my personal Facebook posts of late, you will most certainly have seen that my reading list is ever growing. Recently I have read a number of amazing books which I highly recommend to any of my business buddies out there looking to increase productivity, their sales prowess and of course their knowledge of starting and running businesses. Everyday’s a School Day in Kaizen I’m averaging a book every 4-5 days at the minute. Here’s my top four reads of 2015 to date. 4) Peter Thiel - Zero to One 3) Barry Maher - No Lie 2) Charle Duhigg - The Power of Habit and my number one book this year to date 1) Gary Keller - The One Thing If you have any recommended reading, I would absolutely love you to get in touch with me. Big things on my agenda right now are productivity, marketing and sales. Key things every business owner should focus on at all stages of their business.