At Kaizen, we specialise in print and design. We deal with orders for all kinds of marketing and advertising products for a range of businesses. So we know an advertising trend when we see one.

One product that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the forecourt overbag.

Many people think these signs can be a bit of an eyesore and even more annoyingly they are difficult to avoid since they can be found everywhere. Yet, here at Kaizen, they are one of our most requested products.

So why has the forecourt overbag become so sought after by business owners?

The answer is quite simple. Forecourt overbags are an easy, low-cost and effective way of advertising.

They can even be more eye-catching than a poster or window display, if you have the right kind of bright and colourful design. Beings stationed outdoors means they can reach a wider audience.

Forecourt overbags are quite common so you have probably seen a few yourself. Whether they have been outside a beauty salon, petrol station, or restaurant, these signs are everywhere.

That’s the simplicity of them!

Because they are outside, passers-by can’t help but to look at them. Whether customers are walking down the street or driving past, Kaizen’s forecourt overbags never fail to turn heads.

These are perfect for a restaurant which is advertising a brand new menu or lunch promotion. Perhaps your salon is offering a whole new range of products or a new service. Or maybe your petrol station is trying to catch the eye of drivers on the road with the latest deals. Our forecourt overbags are perfect for a variety of purposes.

At Kaizen, we offer these in oversize A1 and A0 sizes for as little as £25. They are sewn using a technique called double stitching to ensure that they are built to last as long as your promotion does. Our forecourt overbags are hard wearing and perfect for standing up against whatever the British weather has to throw at them. They are printed on 440mic PVC and our eight colour ink system provides a high quality graphic print that won’t be defeated by the elements.

If you’re worried about the overbag not fitting, never fear! Kaizen has a range of frames and bases so you can create the perfect combination to advertise your business.

No matter how big or small your business is, Kaizen can cater to its needs. Whether you are a university who needs to cover their courtyard in forecourt overbags advertising what’s available in the canteen or a small beauty salon trying to pull a few more clients in off the street, Kaizen’s got you covered. So make sure you are capitalising on this great form of advertising.

Our team of expert designers are on hand to help should you have any questions about forecourt overbags or any of our products. They can also give you quotes for your design. Don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email. You can even pop into our Belfast office.