Yes, it's 8.30am, but when isn't the right time to talk about awesome cocktails. Above is the fantastic Cocktail Menu printed for The Lounge Cocktail, Wine and Live Music Bar. It is 210mm tall and 197mm wide with a crease in the middle to allow it to stand freely. Because cocktail and bar menus receive an awful lot of abuse, we all print these on the heaviest 350gsm silk card and then laminate them with a minimum of 70micron matt lamination film. They will take a few spills and drops, but probably won't survive a dunk in a pint of beer. Menus such as this come in a variety of sizes, with A4 folded to A5 being among the most popular. They are suitable for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and any other service industry such as beauty and hair salons. By adding an additional side and glued flap, we can then turn such menus into a table top presenter or tent card as they are commonly known. You’ll see such items in coffee shops and within the retail environment across the country. They are an extremely cost effective solution with a small minimum order of 50, so certainly wont bust the marketing budget. We'll have 2 Mojitos and a Strawberry Daiquiri (EACH) delivered to 21 Ormeau Avenue please