The question we get asked most, relates to bleed. The 'bleed', is the area outside of your design that we use to trim artwork to the correct size. We use this area to ensure that no critical information, or images are cut off when we trim the pages (with a guillotine the size of a small room). Make sure that any images that are to extend to the edge of your design also extend 3mm of the page edge (on all sides). If you are creating your own artwork, please ask them to use our our templates for your design. This means, we can quickly confirm the readiness for print, saving time & money. In the image above the DARK grey area is the finished size of the flyer & the LIGHT grey area is the bleed on each side. To be extra careful, we would also ask designers to include a 3mm safe zone on the inside of the DARK grey area as a matter of best practice.