I love design, I love print and I absolutely love great photography. But sometimes it’s embarrassing that I take horrendously shoddy photos of our print and post them online. I turned to my photographer mates on facebook this week and asked them for a few words of wisdom on photographing print with an iPhone. Turns out the answers I was looking for were two fold: Lighting and Post Production. Lighting I was moderately aware of. In Winter, indoors and with harsh LED lights, it might be difficult to get “good” lighting arranged. But it can be done. The most embarrassing thing was being told to post-edit my images. Yes…..I do have a design studio…and a brain. I had always expected to get better photos straight from a camera rather than having to post-edit them, so being told this is pretty much a standard requirement blew my mind. Yes, I should have known. How silly of me. Anyway, the images taken and used since being mercifully told I was a crap photographer have been a million times better. You can see some of my fantastic work over on our facebook page or just scroll down a little bit more.