Presentation Folder Printing

You’ve worked hard on this report. T’s crossed i’s dotted, every data set checked and double checked for accuracy. It’s your best work. You’ve sat up late with hours spent making sure it’s the absolute pinnacle of your abilities.

So why would you present it an unprofessional way?

There are a few ways to present you work in a professional manner. Maybe it doesn’t sound too important to you at the moment, but trust us, we’ve worked with enough small businesses to know that a little professionalism goes a long way.

After all, what would your potential client, customer or even employer think if you were to hand them a crumpled, ripped or damaged page? What if the paper clip holding the pages together gets lost or broken and the pages get out of order? Or you staple it in the wrong place and some of your information is lost in the top corner of the page?

It certainly wouldn’t communicate a professional message in any situation.

At Kaizen, we’re experts at making small businesses stand out from the crowd. If you have an idea or a proposal to put forward to a potential client or even investor, it would help if they thought of your documents above everyone else’s. That starts with your business conveying your professionalism. Our presentation folders are the perfect way to make your company stand out from the background noise of the competition.

There may be a few of you asking, what is a presentation folder exactly? Do I really need something like that?

Essentially it’s a folder helping to keep your documents safe and in a quality condition and Kaizen are able to provide our customers with a fully customisable version of this product catered exactly to your business.

We can provide presentation folders in either A4 or A5 size, printed on our high quality 350gsm card stock with your choice of finish. You can choose between an un-laminated, matt laminated or gloss laminated finish. We’d highly recommend going for one of our laminated versions for a high-quality finish - and a coffee resistant shield to protect your work from accidental spills. They’re also pretty hard wearing, and won’t get mangled by being put into a pile with a selection of other presentations.

We understand the demand placed on small businesses to stay within budget while trying to make your name in the world of business is difficult, so we want to make our products affordable to businesses of all statures.

That’s why we’re able to offer our high-quality, luxury presentation folders at a small, limited run starting from just 250 units, however if your business is slightly larger, our run extends to up to 5000 units.

Our presentation folders are fully customisable with your businesses’ logo, slogan or design on the front, so you know that your businesses’ brand is out there. We also offer a double sided version in both sizes, if you would prefer that.

If you need any design help, Kaizen’s expert design team are on hand to help you with any of your design needs with everything from presentation folders or any other promotional item we supply.