Tell me if this situation sounds familiar.

You’ve spent many hours, possibly even days (not to mention the odd late night here and there), creating the perfect marketing materials, typing up reports or finalising that crucial business proposal.

You have slaved away over your project. Making sure that every T has been crossed and every I has been dotted, getting it ready for that all important meeting.

But when it comes to the big day, these documents are collected up and clipped together with a paper clip then bundled into your briefcase before being presented as they were found, often getting a little crumpled in this hectic process.

You’ve done all that hard work. Don’t spoil it with poor presentation.

After all, the way in which your documents are presented is the first impression your boss, client or customer gets of your proposal.

With Kaizen’s document folders, you can look professional whatever your business. Whether you’re an established corporation trying to expand your business or a brand new startup looking for that vital first client. Since image is everything in the world of business, you want everything you do to look good.

Why choose a presentation folder? Well, it holds loose papers and documents in an organised way, which not only keeps the pages neat and tidy, but also protects them.

Kaizen offer a luxury customisable selection of finishes in variety of different sizes for your folder. Printed on the finest 350gsm silk and forme cut to allow easy assembly. Make your folders stand the test of time by adding a matt or gloss laminated finish.

We have a range of templates for you to choose from, so your presentation folder is personalised to your company’s needs. 

Make your company look more professional to clients with a presentation folder unique to you. Complete with your company’s name and logo displayed on the front.

Don’t run the risk of losing potential clients by seeming disorganised! Arrange your documents in one of Kaizen’s presentation folders and let the professionalism speak for itself.

Presentation folders can be used by any of your employees inside or outside of the office. This means that your brand can be advertised subtly at networking lunches, client meetings or even at home. With the documents inside the presentation folder, you can ensure that your employees carrying these will look as professional as you want your business to be.

It is for this reason, that presentation folders are an unlikely marketing tool, but one you should definitely invest in. After all, you wouldn’t go to a business meeting in ripped jeans – so why ruin your image with scruffy documents?