In the photo above, you can see some of this bespoke plotted stickers we printed for a new restaurant in Bruce Street Belfast. Slums which is a street food themed eatery provides amazing value food which does not compromise on taste. This is the first time we have worked with the team from Slums, but the response would lead us to believe, that it won't be the last These stickers printed at 4 inches in diameter and plotted using our Roland print and plot Machine. They are to be used for the guerrilla marketing that slums plan to undertake over their launch weekend. We have seen the stickers in many locations around Belfast, right across the city and in some crazy locations. The slums marketing team have really going to town this week Our customer sticker printing and plotting can provide you with custom decals of any shape and size as well as bespoke stickers for any use. With prices starting from only a few pence each they really are a cost-effective marketing tool for any business in Belfast. Custom-made stickers are perfect for a wide variety of uses including marketing indoor and out, gaining exposure in hard to market places, giving customers something to put on own books and anything else imaginable. They are versatile, cheap, welcomed by clients and provide huge visibility for your brand. Our stickers are perfect for decals on motorbikes, suitable for use on jet skis and the perfect way customise your helmet. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination... And where you can find a place for your stickers. If you are interested and sticker printing in Belfast and want to discuss this with one of our specialists please do contact us on (028) 9002 2474 today or drop us a message via contact form. We would only be too happy to help you with your sticker printing projects.