With Christmas just behind us, many of our customers are preparing for the year ahead.With London 2012, The Titanic Centenary and L'Derry being the UK's City of Culture, there is an unbelievable amounts of events and activities happening across the province. Building on last years EMA's successes, Northern Ireland is truly in the worldwide spotlight. Make the most of your events by ensuring you complete the following tasks Before anything else: Make lists! These are the one thing before all else we recommend. No point getting things printed and then realising you haven't put a date on the flyer… Lists will help you at all times. Other than that: 1) Promoting the event well in advance to ensure as many people know about it 2) Create a mailing list of all potential attendees and market them in the weeks prior to the event 3) Use Facebook to create an event and market to all your friends, family and people you want to attend. 4) If possible, brand the venue well in advance with a roll up banner, stating the event details, event, costs and a point of contact, such as a website or Facebook page, where stakeholders can find out more information on the event. Leave well designed flyers wherever you can! 5)At the event, take photos, add them to your event page on Facebook, so that the friends of your attendees can see them. If you are holding a follow up event, this could help you generate more exposure of that too. Finally, don't get too stressed and make sure you have fun!