Open Your Mind - The NUS-USI campaign to support the mental health of students, is running a design competition, inviting creative students in Northern Ireland to come up with an advert to help tackle stress on campus. The winning design will be distributed to campuses around Northern Ireland and the UK, and the winner will get a placement with Kaizen Print and £200 in Amazon Vouchers. The runner up will also get a £200 Amazon Voucher.

Entry Information

Design a poster for us and win a placement with Kaizen Print. We also have £500 in Amazon Vouchers to give away! The winning ad will be distributed to campuses across Northern Ireland and the UK. The deadline for submissions is 15th March. We want to invite creative students to come up with an advert that addresses the issue of stress. It might promote Open Your Mind’s stress management training or others stress management activities/techniques, or it might be designed to reduce stress in and in itself. Your starting point should be the booklet ‘Steps to deal with stress - A simple guide to stressing less and enjoying life more’, produced by the Public Health Agency. You can find this, and information about Open Your Mind training, in our info pack at The poster should be aimed at student’s aged 16 - 25 in further or higher education in Northern Ireland. For further information or to request an application pack please email Download the design/info pack here