Honestly you couldn't make up half the things that happen in our wee country. Todays little gem hails from Omagh of all places and it's one we're able to laugh at as we didn't make the mistake! Phew. As schools are finding it harder to compete for the new students of 2013, many across the province have started to use non traditional marketing / advertising mediums to get their message out to a wider public audience. In this instance the Christian Brothers Grammar School has decided that billboard advertising is the right choice to propel them in to the limelight. I'm sure they didn't expect this type of attention though! We're terrible sticklers for spelling here at Kaizen Print, but even the odd mistake does happen on occasion. When it comes to spelling your own name correctly and then having it signed off (probably by multiple people) there's really no excuse. But lets use this as a learning example. ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SPELLING!