[youtube>ZzIfncOhRJM[/youtube> If you happen to mention to us you designed your flyers or [link>=http://kaizenprint.co.uk/product/poster-printing>posters in photoshop, you might hear a groan in the Kaizen office. Not that there is anything wrong with photoshop as a tool, but when creating designs for print, it’s not the best tool in the box. We’ll talk about those at a later date as tonight we want to show you some absolutely amazing photoshop skills for #creativeday by Photo and Retouch Artist Erik Johansson of Berlin, Erik recently teamed up with Adobe to create 'Street Retouch Prank', a live Photoshop prank that features Johansson editing people into bus stop ads while they wait for the bus. The prank took place in Stockholm, Sweden and used to promote Adobe's Creative Days It’s quite frankly amazing use of Photoshop