When I started my working career, there was no social media, the internet was still in it’s infancy and the only chat tool we had was MSN messenger. Internet marketing really hadn't taken hold or even gotten off that ground, but it’s potential impact on the world was clear to be seen.

99% of my offline marketing remit included some sort of design or print. Newspaper ads, leaflets and flyers, posters and roller banners were all commonplace and daily purchases. With the advent of the internet you’d hear proclamations that “Print is dead” or that leaflets wont be as effective anymore. This couldn’t be further from the truth and an organised offline marketing campaign is as effective if not more effective today than it was back in the early 2000s. Here’s why.

Online media is over-crowded

I use an ad blocker, so do my friends. In fact millions of people around the world choose to turn off the online adverts that may pop up or be displayed on their screen. With an app, its a 2 second choice to be advert free forever.

Targeted distribution is the key

Flyers tailored to a specific customer base and or market are extremely effective when delivered to the right people at the right time. Door to Distribution companies make their money from mass delivery of leaflets through doors, but by drilling down to your customer base and reaching out to them efficiently and at a time that suits them, you can increase your return on investment.

There are times when people aren't online

According to research conducted last year, even though the time spent online is ever increasing this only equates to just over 27 hours a week. The majority of time people are offline and this is your opportunity to market to them. Roll up banners at events, pvc banners along railings. These are key opportunities to push.

Physical presence

Sending a vContact is all well and good for ease of data transfer, but a business card provides a physical reminder of your product and services. Right now on my desk I have a couple of business cards for people I need to email. The card itself acts as a reminder to do this.

Even online world needs a backdrop

How many photos have you seen of nights out or celebs on the red carpet getting their photos taken? Lots, in fact I’d probably argue too many… These photos are usually set against backdrops or feature walls. Guess what…they needs printed too.

Online and offline marketing or digital and print go hand in hand. Both can survive without the other, but together they are enhanced to create something much bigger than their individual components. Print is most definitely not dead from a marketing perspective and hopefully we’ve helped you realise how crucial it can be as part of your business. If you need any help boosting your brand or generating awareness of your product and services, please get in touch with us. We have years of combined experience in all areas of marketing and sales and are only too happy to help grow your business