PVC banners are a great way to promote your business to a large number of people. Their hard-wearing and durable design means they are the ideal choice to market your business outdoors. Although they are fully customisable with your own logo, slogan or business name on a background colour to suit you, you want your business to stand out from the rest. But how to do that while still using PVC banners to their full capability ?

At Kaizen we print PVC banners for a wide range of uses, be it festivals, park openings or local businesses and we try to do this in the most innovative way possible. That’s why we are able to bring a new type of PVC banner to you.

Our Mesh PVC banners are a unique and innovative way to promote your business outdoors. Our Mesh banners share many similarities with our standard PVC banners with one small exception. They have thousands of small perforations woven into the material for a unique way for you to display your message. The perforated material gives a different style to show off your own form of marketing, however also has a useful addition.

The holes mean that wind can pass through the material without damaging it. Because the wind passes through the banner rather than hitting it straight on, it reduces the risk of flapping and wind resistance, meaning the danger of your banner tearing or becoming damaged is greatly reduced.

This makes our mesh banner an ideal choice for hanging high up, for example on the side of your office building or hanging from scaffolding on your construction site. The holes in the PVC do not affect the customisable nature of the banner, so they can still be printed with whatever logo, slogan or design you want.

We don’t place any restrictions on the size of your banner either. We print on high quality 360gsm PVC using the latest printing technology to ensure a superior quality finish on your design. So whether you have a tower block or a single story, Kaizen can print it. The only limit is your imagination.

Mesh PVC Banner Printing

Despite being different in its design from our standard PVC banners, our mesh banner retains all of the durable features of our standard version. It’s still just as hard-wearing and enduring and can still be customised with up to 70% of the surface area of the material.

Our banners start from just £15 + VAT per banner depending on size and are all printed to over 300 dpi meaning your banner always has a high quality, high definition finish so your slogan, logo or design is displayed at the highest quality.

PVC banners are a cost effective and efficient way of marketing your business or product and our mesh banners offer something just a little bit different to the standard banner design. With Kaizen’s expert design and printing team, you can be assured that your PVC banner will be printed to the highest possible quality.