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We’re humongous fans of slow cooking whether that’s in a slow cooker (crockpot) or smoker. The depth of flavour that is brought out from this method of cooking in our opinion is awesome and so when we were recently printing these amazing new menus for Bubbacue, our team were salivating. Thankfully no print in was harmed by the drool.

If you want authentic BBQ in Belfast, Bubbacue are the only name in town we’d recommend. If you frequent Bubbacue regularly, in the past few months you’ll have seen a huge transformation in their offering, their store, the branding and of course the menus. Unfortunately the design work isn’t that of Kaizens’ but that of another graphic designer in Belfast. However we’re never ones to shy away from giving credit where credits due and we love the evolution of the Bubbacue brand.

The team at Bubbacue called upon us to print their new menu. Now as this is a constant evolution until they have settled on a new final menu, the focus is on providing low cost menu printing here in Belfast that can be turned around quickly. Thankfully we know a printer who can accommodate that.

Printed on 130gsm silk, these menus are not meant to sit on tables for extended periods of time. While not throw-away they are certainly not a long term option. But being at the right price, they are certainly an affordable option. We digitally printed these menus in house using our state of the art Xerox printers. By keeping our print technology up to date we are not only able to offer the highest quality printing in belfast but also industry leading prices.

We’re delighted to have Bubbacue as one of our clients and if you haven’t tried their authentic American slow cooking, we highly recommend you check them out. Bubbacue is located right in the heart of Belfast City centre (12 Callendar Street to be precise).

Menu printing belfast

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