Belfast, you’ve done it again! This week we’ve begun work on two new projects for restaurants and delis opening in the city this September. We’re excited! Firstly, we are in awe with the most indulgent menu a coffee shop / deli has ever produced. We give you ‘Meat in a Bap’ a new deli from the guys behind the City Centre Cafe DoorSteps sandwich bars, which aims to bring amazing roasted meats served on fresh focaccia baps daily to the patrons and workers of Belfast. From their facebook page, they describe their offering as ‘We serve sensational roast meat sandwiches daily, using only the freshest local produce and ingredients.’ Serving a selection of only 4 sandwiches, the team aim to capitalise on the minimal offering by ensuring their lunches are unrivalled in the city. Think slow cooked beef brisket,pork crackling,roast chicken sliced in front of you and you’re only halfway there. Want your bap dipped in the juices of the cooked meat. Then you’re not the only one, I do too! We’ve been very lucky to be the taste testers for the deli and I can tell you this. it’s amazing. Based in Bedford street, the deli is only a 30 second walk from the City Hall. When it opens and if you are in the town for lunch. Try it! We’ve managing the entire launch process marketing, design and print for Meat in a Bap and we wish them every success. Next up, we have Le Coop, Belfast's first free range chicken and rotisserie restaurant. We have worked with the guys behind Le Coop for sometime now and know that this will be an amazing success. Not only that, but its a restaurant right up our street (metaphorically cos we’re moving), but based in Hill Street in the Cathedral Quarter area, it is on course to be an eggcelent (sorry) venture. Over the last two weeks you may have seen some of the billboards, adshels and phone box branding that has we designed placed throughout the city. They are amazing and look fantastic. please don’t be offended. As you can see, Belfast is awry with new business ventures this autumn and we wish each and every one of them a great success. We look forward to working with you all in the future. If you are opening or plan to open a new hospitality venture, we are your design, print and marketing guys.