I hope you all had an awesome Easter and are back ready to make a huge impact with your marketing activities. Spring is finally here and its probably the most timely opportunity throughout the year to review what worked and of course what didn't work this time last year, to make sure your budgets go further and results become a whole lot better. Let’s throw out the old and tired and bring in the new and fresh. If you’re new to marketing your business or want some new ideas, we’ve pulled together a little list of opportunities to inspire you over the coming months. Holidays Summer is all but approaching. If you run a seasonal business or are looking to target those embarking on summer activities or travels, now is the time to really focus on your marketing to this sector. The Weather Unless you’ve been locked away in an office for the past few days, you could not have missed the glorious weather we’ve been experiencing. People are moving back into the outdoors after a Winter of hibernation. We have to rethink our marketing ideas to target those on the move and in outside areas. Earth Day Earth Day takes place on the 22nd of April this year and it is your chance to show your business stakeholders you mean business with an amazing environmentally friendly campaign. Join the movement and tell your customers, the amazing “Acts of Green” you are undertaking. or why not Become The Expert In Your Field Being the best in your industry doesn’t mean you have to know everything, but just more than everyone else. By positioning yourself as a leader and focusing on the skills you wish to present to your customers, you can promote new services, products and opportunities in an informal manner. Why not try “How To” videos - How to do the perfect contouring (for make up artists) - How to style guide (for fashion retailers) This position gives you a chance to show off your skills and products but in a very informal manner. All the while gaining authority as an industry leader. and finally Go Green We’ve just recently launched our allotment initiative where we’ve created our own Kaizen Allotment to provide fresh fruit and vegetables for all the Kaizen Team. By launching this pretty awesome idea, not only are we getting a huge knowledge of sustainability, but are in a position to provide no-cost organically grown fruit and veg for the whole team. Plus I get a cracking tan working on the allotment. #win. In fact here’s some photos of our work to date. If you ever want to give a hand or visit the allotment, by all means get in touch.