Running a business is no easy task. From accounts, to sales, HR to marketing, like it or not, the decision will ultimately fall in your lap and unless you've a business degree, many of these decisions are new and possibly daunting. Well forget about marketing, because that's our department, but when you come to see us, we’d love you to have a key points planned out that will help us create flyers and posters, that will help your business sell more. Grab Attention and Give The Relevant information With all our flyer designs we promote a feature side and an information side. One to ensure you grab peoples attention and the other to your potential customer enough information to make an informed purchasing decision. The feature side should invite the customer to read more. Ask a sales question ‘Paying too much for your printing?’ or promote an offer ‘10% off flyers this month’ and entice your customers to read on. The feature side will be supplemented with the additional information that provides the benefits of your products and services above competitors, it provides a little information on your products and of course the ultimate link to sale, the actual sales message you want to portray and how an interested party can get in touch. Include a link to your website and display it clearly so people can visit it for further information. Provide your telephone number for those people who really are offay with the internet and ultimately through the web or via the phone, the purpose of these flyers is to generate leads for your salespeople to follow up with and close the sale. Monitoring Your Response Ensure you get the best response possible by including an offer or incentive for your customers if they mention the flyer. Giving this incentive will allow you to monitor the response to the campaign your customers have received. Over the period of 3-4 campaigns this will then allow you to asses what actually works for your customers and how to turn them on to your products and services. Ultimately the goal is to sell more of your products and services and flyers are an absolutely awesome way of doing this. They are cost effective, they are easy to distribute and monitor the campaigns. Review the points above and when we talk about your campaigns, we’ll be able to come up with the best looking/working flyer ever!