Some of the business stationery we print astounds us. it’s like getting a peek under the covers and seeing businesses we would never know existed, how they operate and the products/services they sell. This happens regularly with local businesses and we love working with them, yet when we get orders from abroad, this makes us tingle even more. This week we are creating and delivering letterheads for a luxury apartment development in New York, yes, New York. Now when such an occasion arises, you’d usually hear me joke, that I could deliver the print personally or revel in disbelief that someone from the Big Apple would even know a little printer in Belfast called Kaizen Print even existed. Yet they did and they emailed us. An order was placed, paid for, delivered and without so much as a phone call. It’s pretty awesome that such an order was sent our direction, but we are very grateful and look forward to many more international orders. This lovely order was for 1000 double sided letterheads (printed at American legal size and not A4). Whoo hoo!